Self Administering TRT

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The UK also has clinics (I think in England) that exist SPECIFICALLY to monitor men who are on AAS. I don’t even think the clinic in England is a private one… though I could be wrong on that account.

The UK is regulated, but it’s not as strict as say… Australia with their stance on TRT. If you have a low level of testosterone and can go private (or just see a decent endo), chances are you eventually wind up on T if you try hard enough and have a TT of 10-12nmol or below. If you go private you can get on with a TT of like 12-15nmol or below + symptoms.

Anabolic steroid use isn’t illegal in the UK either, therefore in theory you COULD tell your GP about it… how they will respond is another story entirely.

Balancemyhormones is cool because they actually help men out in the UK as well as in Europe… and if you are on TRT and need to travel Europe/pick up scripts out of country I believe you can do so through these guys.

I looked at a couple in London but private and very expensive, I would definitely do If I could afford it though.

Im in the UK and have told a few different docs that I’m on self prescribed TRT and also take steroids, none cared other than an occasional “why?”
I said fed up feeling old, they nodded and carried on.
I self administer and use Optimale for bloods as the NHS wont do everything I want when I want (which is fine, they cover me on so much more :heart: )

If I’m reading this correctly you’re cycling not on constant TRT? If so I would wait a few months after stopping this cycle and get full bloods again so you know your natural levels (if you don’t already) as it may not be worth the on/off flux in hormones for the amounts you’re taking, especially as you get older.
Having a baseline will tell you in the future if you’re not recovering properly and should either stop or go on full time TRT.

I’m on trt

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Hey @MrGrant thanks for input… this is my first toenin the water with trt or test of any sort so thiught would try a cycle of 3 months so that coming to and end and also travelling with work. Have to say felt really good on it with no side effects really. So my plan is to go off for a period of time and see how my own hormonal system bounces back ad clear from bloods i am shut down now. So will as you recommend get bloods done in a few months to check on it… i am happy enough with blood results as test increased a lot and got benefits… E2 high but not terribly high and all other counts are good.

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