Self Administering TRT

Hey Guys… complete newby on thid site so first of all :wave: and hope all is great.
Long story short 48 year old male v active young kids allmof thag so wanted to give myself a boost pf youth so last 4 months been doing 180mg test ethanate a week in 2 shots. Loving it have great energy got my zip back… am due to get bloods end of month so looking to see what to check for to ensure not slowly killing myself. One side effect i have noticed is that my nipples look bigger as in longer no signs of gyno behind nipple or sensitivity but am begininng to get a bit paranoid… currently weight bout 190lbs and usually quiet lean but seem to be carrying a bit of fat which not worried about more the nipplegate thing lol. Have attached a poc for reference… much appreciated guy’s.

There are a few misnomers here regarding what TRT actually is etc. That aside, why not just go to a clinic where they can guide you through this process? Despite my personal feelings on it, most clinics hand our Testosterone like candy anymore regardless of whether its medically necessary.

Hi blshaw
Hope you doing good. Love thatbto be the case where i am from Ireland think only a couple clinics in whole country and highly regulated…and v v expensive

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Ah… ok that makes sense. Well, monitoring your bloods is going to be the most difficult learning curve. You need a CBC w/lipids, CMP, and male hormones such as TT, FT, E2, SHBG, DHT, PSA, and TSH. I would post them back on here for comments since you are new and don’t likely understand which values are important as well as how critical it is to be in range.

Keep in mind this forum is full of enthusiasts but not practitioners (although there are one or two). Take any advisment as just that, an enthusiast perspective for you to follow up on with your own research.

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Thats great @blshaw really appreciate that. Will post result when i get them. Yip understabd a lot of experience on this forum but from diff levels from novice to a couple practitioners. Thanks a mill

I don’t know what they have in Ireland for labs, but here in the US, you can usually save some money by buying a “bodybuilder” lab package. It will include basically everything a TRT clinic will test (aside from maybe thyroid). IIRC, last time I bought one of these it was like $300.

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Hey @mnben87 i will see what is on offer i doubt that well packaged up here…

What’s your T value on this?

@BrickHead hey i will know in 2 weeks

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i used to living in ireland for 4 years. TBH i would completely skip docs in your country and order from the many sources available online. once dialed in managing TRT is super simple TBH and there is no need to waste money ( i know ireland is pretty pricey for medical care)
like people here said, general blood panels will do it, maybe add igf-1. good luck

Thanks @lamehack yip not ordering any test from dr here have it from another source just looking to start monitoring bloods now so get to understand what good looks like for me. As u know everything is expensive in Ireland… and we are so far behind in anything like this… thanks a mill.

Hey guys got blood results be interested to see what you all think of them. Dr says prob should take an oestrogen blocker … not so sure though … what ye make of results guys…sorry about format

There’s a lot of misconceptions about steroids, men in the highest quartile of free testosterone are at 53% reduced risk of developing prostate cancer, 30% reduced risk of cardiovascular events, dying and a 24% reduced risk of full-blown stroke.

There are lots of steroids out there that are bad for you, testosterone isn’t one of them as long as your levels are within reason. How much testosterone you can handle without side effects is based purely on current medical conditions and genetics.

I had the same experience, intense burning nipples, nothing every became of it. You don’t have the gene responsible for gyno, you can’t get it.

Your Total T is way above the normal ranges, estrogen is expected to be supraphysiological alongside testosterone.

Most drugs are not good for you, they’re toxins, chemicals, it’s best if you don’t rely on them if you can help it.

Lower your Test dosage.


Thanks @systemlord i am due to stop current cycle as traveling with work so will be running pct etc… this was my first venture in testosterone at 47yrs old and was a pleasant one… next time runa course will drop dosage to 100mg a week and see

Am I missing something…? I don’t see E2 so why would he be saying this? @systemlord is correct in that E2 will typically be high if T levels are.

Is this not this value?

That’s it, I just can’t see it in the post prior. It’s definitely not all that high when considering T levels.

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Yip the images pasted in v small.
Testing peoples eyesights lol. Im thinking wont take a blocker as dont want to be using other things apart from test. May drop dose next cycle… see if that doesnt peak as high. Thanks for geting back guys apprecaite it.

I’m not convinced on this.

I think it’s plausible that in the presence of high testosterone that some won’t get gyno with high E2 levels (I don’t). I think without testosterone and high E2 basically all men get gyno (what happens to trans women when they block testosterone and start taking estrogen).