Self-Administered HCG Monotherapy - Safe with Varicocele?

After more than a year failing to be prescribed a TRT course in Australia, I have decided to look into the possibility of taking care of the issue myself. Without providing exact details which are not available to me right now - my total test score is perfectly fine, however I have an extremely high SHBG level which is causing issues with my free test. My endocrinologist’s response to this issue is that I should wait another 12 months and see if my SHBG drops in that time.

For the sake of trying something which I may not have to commit to long term, I wanted to see if I could get favourable results with HCG only. My only concern at the moment is I have a varicocele on my left testicle which I have ignored since my teenage years (I am currently 29). Due to the relationship of HCG and testicle size, I am wondering if I should be concerned at all?

I understand it is a relatively quick procedure to fix the varicocele, though I generally prefer to avoid things unless absolutely necessary.

HCG will do nothing to lower SHBG, you will shut down the HPTA no chance of a positive outcome.

Your endo is incorrect, SHBG will not decrease. It might be a little bit lower on your next round of testing which is do to a normal daily fluctuation. There are intelligent endo’s in Australia, you just have to keep looking, but you are wasting time with this apprehensive doctor.

He is frightened of the government coming down on him for prescribing TRT. I have never seen anyone lower SHBG to a meaningful level that meant they no longer require TRT. The liver does whatever it wants. it if wants SHBG high, unless you throw excess androgens at it, it’s not moving.

Does your doctor have a game plan to lower SHBG or is he just crossing his fingers hoping for the best?

Thanks for the reply mate.
Basically he does not have a plan besides sending me away and hoping I don’t come back. He basically invited me to confess that I have taken anabolic steroids in the past, which is laughable considering I was sitting at 68kg with 179cm height.

Coincidentally, I have tested levels 6 months later and SHBG has dropped from 81 (15-50) to 57 (11-71) without any changes in diet or exercise. Only difference I can note is that I have made an effort to get 7-8 hours sleep each night, as opposed to the 6 I was previously getting during the week.