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Selenium and Tiredness

I would probably benefit from taking more selenium than i do,i get about 80mcg a day combined from food and supplement. When i in addition take 20mcg selenium or more from a pure selenuim supplement,i get extremely tired,feel almost like drunk,trouble talking normally and is a total zombie,does not matter if taken in the evening or morning.

The max i have tryed to supplement with extra selenium is 3-4 days,then i stop because of the mentioned effects.

It has the potential to help convert t4-t3 more efficiently so i should be getting in some more.
Anyone experienced these symptoms of selenium supplementation? its not much to find when google it…
Do you think pushing thru some more days will make me less tired?

This is odd…

You might have similar experiences eating a few Brazil nuts. If these are OK for you, the form of selenium may be the issue. Hopefully your supplement was not overdosed. See https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3225252/

Selenium is also essential for the enzymes that mop up oxygen free radicals normally produced during T4–>T3 conversion.

When you have these events, do you feel over heated?

ok maybe there was some toxicity issues,have not taken it since a couple of months ago,i’ll trow it away. im allergic to nutsI live in the mecca of seakelp,will a daily dose give enough selenium?
I dont remember if i was overheated.
Should get in some more selenium,maybe i dont have to take ndt after getting enough.