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Selecting a Volume/Density Based Program after Complete Powerlook


Dear Coach Thibs,

Been reading your articles for over a year now and the information presented there has been most valuable!
I'm currently doing your Complete Powerlook Program and I'm almost halfway through. As suggested I'm now looking into a more bodybuilding type of program afterwards for a couples weeks (about 2 to 4) before I do another strength cycle (most likely again Complete Powerlook or 5/3/1). I am mainly concerned in building a good physique, but I understand the need for a good strength base.

I heard several good suggestions for such a Volume/Density Program: EDT/GVT/Gironda
or perhaps a program around your growth factor principles. Point is I'm a little confused on what to use and even thought about making my own more personalized program. Ofc no program is strictly better than another, but what style usually has your preference/do you typically use for clients, or at least what should I base my choice upon? (So 5day vs 7day frequency, yes or no antagonistic supersetting etc.)
My goal is to deload the joints/CNS from heavy (for me that is) weight and add some muscle mass.

Some quick stats (Late Beginner/ Early Intermediate):
- 1/2Years Experience, 19 years old.
- 78kg/172lbs bw, 1.85m/6"0.
- SQ: 130kg, BP: 85kg, DL: 125kg.

Also this is my first post, thanks in advance :slightly_smiling: