Seizure Question

Is it unusual for a customs letter to be inside a green-taped package with something incorrect written as the contained substance on the top of the seized package? If someone is to receive such a package, should they be on their way to Mexico?

Customs make mistakes all the time.
is it spelling or is it a wrong name.
maybe the guys source packaged up the wrong thing.

eitehr way I should be seeing that person at the hacienda

Let’s say it says “perfume” on the top of the box

so they stole your perfume? WTF!!! maybe trying to get you to call up and ask hey wheres my perfume.

I have no idea sounds weird
I would leav it alone for a while

An order that I had seized came in a box that was labeled something else. I think that is how it was originally shipped. It was all taped up with the US Customs tape and inside was the seizure letter and some info on the dangers of ordering drugs from outside the US. I tossed it and called it a loss.

Likewise, ive had this happen atleast 3 times last year. not to worry.