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Seizure Letters and Federal Jobs


So, I got a couple of seizure letters in the mail a few months ago. Just ignored them. Look like I might be getting a job with the federal court system. It's standard for all applicants to go through an FBI background check. Am I basically fucked for this job?


May i ask just one question do you keep the orders small to keep it from being a letter from homeland security and not a controled pick up??

Meaning a bust,


ok,to start off,I am pro-steroid.
Basicly I am Pro-choice.
Do what you want type thing.

But if its a good job,why would you risk it with drugs or anything else?
Makes no sense.


If i had to choose between steroids for life or a good job i would choose the steroids.

Hand over fist my nich,


Well I certainly would find a domestic supplier.


I would too. I can get plenty of good jobs. Not many other options if I want to increase my gains.


if im not mistaken i think he is applied for the job after the seizure letters. so maybe he didnt know he was going to have this job opportunity before he got fucked with the letters.

op- ive got no idea, but i bet the letters wont help you... :confused:


Yeah, I applied after I got the seizure letters knowing full well they might jeopardize any chances I had.


Answer is: it depends.

As for the choice between steroids and jobs, a good doctor can prescribe you anything you want to take. That had never occurred to me until I had a secretary with a competitive bodybuilder for a boyfriend.

He got all of his drugs from his doctor, who just wrote him prescriptions for everything on his cycles.


It may not be a big deal, but if they ask about drugs in the background check process (and they will) and they catch you lying about it, you will not get the job.

So its a dilemma of whether or not you are honest in the questionnaire and hope they don't care, or lie and hope they don't find out.

It is possible that the background check will not turn up seizure letters.


Bull fucking shit no doc can prescribe that much fucking juice.

Want to buy some real estate you fucking ass hole!!!


if you get one letter,I would assume you can say it was a shipping mistake,it was not yours.

Happens sometimes someone uses a fake name ,happens to be your name.
I dont want to ask what kind of federal job,but if its "lower" level,mail man ect I think you will be fine.

if there is a polygraph involved then well I dont know.

All you can do is try and worst they can do is say no.


A background check won't find any evidence of those letters.