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Seizure Letter!


Not important, but in my make believe world as a controlled substance abuser, anabolic type, I received my first seizure letter. Out of around 15 of my make believe orders this is the first to get seized, not a bad percentage. This was the first non-domestic order in my new home state and thats why I think it was seized. I believe the customs to be much more stringent for various reasons where I live now..........

Maybe Ill frame it........

Thats all, carry on


dean theres a pm on the way

well a fake pm anyways so maybe maybe not.


If you, by chance, moved from east to west, there's a good chance that you are absolutely correct in your assumption that customs in certain areas working a little harder my have had something to do with your unfortunate imaginary seizure.

International importation of finished products sucks, by the way.


Come on man...

Don't be so damned lazy. Get off your ass and swim across the ocean. Take some initiative. Jeez... Everyone wants to be treated like a King and have everything hand delivered. What is this world coming to....


sorry to hear


Seizure Letter post it, I want to see what they look like., not really but humor me.


You are correct in your assumption, faaaar west..


I totally would but I have really been slaying my lats lately and dont really want to overtrain them u know?


Not too interesting, picture an envelope with Border patrol and Customs in the corner, the same header on the paper followed by what you had seized, the word forfeiture a lot and the steps that can be taken to appeal the forfeiture, thus incriminating yourself and being charged with trafficking a controlled substance.

Oh and some asshole signed it at the bottom....

Thats what I imagine a letter like that would look like anyway


Thought so.

Some sources just refuse to ship to certain zip codes because of this fact.

That sucks. Looks like you will be needing to change up your strategy.


I live in China. I get all my gear over the counter, but customs seized a box containing 6 bottles of multivitamins and a tub of gaba from bodybuilding.com. Go fucking figure.

I contacted bb.com and asked if I provided them with a copy of the seizure letter if they'd reimburse me and Curling Caleb told me to eat shit.


Haha! Hilarious. I know it sucks for you, H-Train, but the irony is absolutely side-splitting!


Yeah, just a sidetrack, not a derailment by any means



I received my package today! Too bad customs opened it up, took out the order, packed it with plastic wrap, resealed it, slapped a big " US CUSTOMS " sticker on it and sent it to me.


why dont you just contact your credit card company and ask them to do a charge back because you didnt recieve the goods you paid for ?


I gotta tell you - if you think that stating that your orders are make believe and how 'you'd imagine' a customs seizure letter to look like - you are fooling no-one. I realise you may think it is less likely to hold up in court, but the simplist of lawyers will rip that apart if they wanted to - which i highly doubt they will.

All i'm saying is, there is little point. Either word it differently, dont word it at all or be open - as posts like this dont protect you in any way.


i agree with this 100% ,if they are coming after you posts on a forum will make zero differnce to their ability to prosocute you,thhey prefer solid evidence tbh


Yeah......... no shit. Its called a sense of humor. Thanks for the contribution.


Fair enough then. At least i know to look out for either a very crap sense of humour, or very poor attempts at back-tracking then.

Cheers for the heads up.


Never speak of it, you never ordered it, and never open something that was seized and remailed back to you. Possible controlled delivere depending on the quantity and the level of boredom from local LE. Cheers



Backtracking isn't hyphenated and crap is a noun, not an adjective. Thanks again.