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Seized - What To Do?

What do you do besides kick yourself right in the ass after your shipment gets seized at customs? Has anyone else ever encounter this kinda bad luck???

I had the problem. Nothing happened but I don’t order overseas anymore and if I order steroids again it will be stealth products.

hopefully you used a source that will resend.

the store was going to only give me half a store credit but i figured i wasnt going to take another chance so i asked for a refund.i thought about stealth products but i didnt know how sterile the product would be coming out of a bag.i have never seen or heard of anyone using it so i backed away from it.

I can say that I am duly impressed with Stealth. All around good deal, its cheap, safe, and smooth as a babys ass. Also added points, I feel confident that if I got pulled over/traveling at airport, that a LEO could stare at my stash of stealth and have no idea what it is. I just started my test/eq cycle about 4 weeks ago and am very impressed. The only sterility issues I forsee is cleaning the outside of the package before you fill a barrel. Also, they are suprisingly painless. Bravo alin, bravo. shameless promo over.