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Segmenting Your Weight Training...

So I’ve been told by several sources, and read in several articles, that athletes should train in segments. Train x number of months for strength, x number of months for speed, and then when competition is near x number of months/weeks conditioning. I’m wondering what you all think. Is it too much to ask that I be able to do it all at once? Will it really get me no where trying? Tell me the truth.

I guess it comes down to whom you listen to and what method they use, Conjugated, liniary etc…

I for one use the conjugated method and it has worked for me.
What i like about it is that is works all aspects at the same time, where other methods focus on, hypertrophy the first 3 months, strength the next 2 months and speed going into the season.
The main problem imo is that when you focus solely on one aspect the others are neglected leaving you losing speed while putting on mass, losing mass while speed training etc.

I agree with you completely, only I don’t really have much knowledge on the subject. Mind if I ask a few questions?

[quote]Beershoes wrote:
I agree with you completely, only I don’t really have much knowledge on the subject. Mind if I ask a few questions?[/quote]

I’m sure there are others with a lot more insight than me, but ask away, I’ll try and answer what I can…

How do you set up your rep and set scheme? KMC introduced me to 10 sets of 3, I’ve used 5 sets of 5 for ages (strength), but other than that I just kind of do a 15 rep/ to failure exercise for as many sets as I can. I also recently found out about the tabata method, but I tried it today and wasn’t super impressed. It was tough, but not puking tough. Just asking your thoughts on useful lifts, and set/rep schemes, as to add to my own personal knowledge. Hit me with what you got!

Oh, and how the heck do you manage to grapple 50 some hours a week? Do you make enough from tournament play that you can just grapple?

If you didn’t think Tabata was that tough, you either didn’t push hard enough, or you used a non-taxing exercise. If you have access to KBs, try 2-hand KB swings, Tabata style.

As far as how to set up your set/rep schemes, check out elitefts.com, go through the articles looking for stuff on conjugate periodization. You could also look on this site for the same, or just google it.

Thanks boat guy! I probably didn’t load enough weight, but I did front squats as the article on this site suggested. Will try thrusters tomorrow or friday. Wish I had some friggin KB’s.