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Seen The Way She Eats a Snickers?


Parody of the "Gold Digger" song by Kanye West.






Kanye West is already a parody.


its true..he's ultra sucky!


kanye west doesn't like snickers




And someone please tell Jamie Foxx that he can't sing. Listen to the raw cut of that intro...oy vay.


The beginning of that song is sung by Ray Charles, not Jamie Foxx. He doesn't begin singing until the next chorus.


I actually got a kick out of that. It's a shame that a Ray Charles song got Weird Al Yankoviced, though.

"Chow down, girl, go head chow down"


Oh come on; kanye wests not that bad. Im not someone who ikes rap; but I much prefer him to say Eminem and all that shit; at least he isn't so fucked up in the head.