Seems Odd...

I was watching tv tonight cause I can’t sleep, damn insomnia, anyway I saw a commercial that struck me as funny. It was for a new line of bras that were going to made in half sizes, okay thats fine, but one of the sizes was for ALMOST A!!! At the risk of sounding like a jerk, if their breasts are that small do they really need a bra!

to improve shape, probably…and to protect those rock hard nipples when in the frozen foods section of the grocery store.

That’s not a new things actually. There are bras that come in nearly A, perfict A, and nearly B as well.

I’ve never needed anything that small though grin

But to answer your question - no, I have no idea why they would need a bra if they are that flat.

(first try)

Some small-breasted women I know wear bras because of friction–the shirt rubbing on directly their nipples can get uncomfortable.

it’s either psycological (paranioa)or learned trait from their mothers that all women should wear one whether or not they even needed to. also, what kind of shirts are these wearing? if shirt rub was such a problem you would think guys would be sporting band aids on their nips. if i were them, i’d save myself the cash and possible irritation of wearing one.