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Seems Like a Ridiculous Amount PWO


0.1 grams per pound of bodyweight of glycine
0.3 grams per pound of bodyweight of whey protein isolate
0.2 grams per pound of bodyweight of glutamine

CT said for fat loss this should be taken after post workout. Is this not a huge amount of glycine and glutamine? I mean I (200lb) would have to take like 5 scoops of 8 gram glutamine to do this. That seems a bit much not too mention insanely expensive.


I noticed this too. That combination wouldn't even be mixable in a shaker cup. I'm too poor to worry about his suggestion's implications for me though. shrugs


not only is it too much, it's completely unnecessary and absurdly complicated. Thibs needs to stick to training, and leave the nutrition to the experts.


Glutamine is not that expensive at all.

"Too much" implies that you have another dosage as a reference. What is it and where did you find that recommendation?

What is too much about 40g of glutamine? The amount or GI issues?


the above sounds complicated?

Yeah, it appears Thibs doesn't know much about nutrition in order to facilitate change in body comp/health for people. :rolleyes:


Well, I cannot directly comment on Thibs' recommendations as I have neither tried those doses myself nor have other experience of knowing specific cases.

However, first, the recommendation for that much glutamine was not in general, but for those that are choosing to not consume carbs as an alternate way of making up for this lack.

Second, the thought that one can assume necessarily, without information, that a given thing won't do anything at some higher than familiar dose, or won't give improvement, is not really the right way. For example I was skeptical of BCAA's, as they have been around forever and at doses that were typical back in the day, such as 5 grams, nothing important happens (IMO.) But when Tim told me, no, the thing is much higher quantities such as 20 grams, I would have been making a mistake to reflexively assume that that must do nothing or be too much. (And no I didn't assume that, and yes Tim was right.)

That sounds like a lot of glycine to me but I have no experience with that much so I have no basis to say anything against it. Thibs is a smart guy and has opportunities to see what works and what doesn't work with a number of people and so I would not, myself, assume him wrong.


Compared to what? Glutamine is by no means CHEAP if you're comparing it with creatine or protein. And Biotest doesn't even make the shit.

I've bought ON glutamine before and it is not cheap.

And while I follow CT, the amounts he's recommending seem arbitrary. So much per weight? Was each ingredient tested independently to see its ideal amount?

I like and will keep using my creatine/glutamine/protein PWO shake with no carbs... works for me, and I'm half asleep when I'm fucking with the powders.


Thibs (and maybe Poliquin) are the only two "gurus" i've ever seen recommend anything like this post workout, EVERYONE else advocated carbs around training.

until i see a shred of evidence or reasoning behind using this combo over a traditional P+C shake, ill stick with what i got.

by "too much" i mean it's overly complex, not that the dosages are somehow excessive.


I don't necessarily follow everything CT recommends, but he has more credibility in my book when it comes to bodybuilding nutrition than most so-called nutrition experts.


thats the thing you guys are missing- this advise was given to someone using a low-to-No-carb fatloss diet plan...

And not to speak for the genius that CT is, but what i get out of his precise percentages is that that has worked for either him or his clients in the past. i doubt he was just trying to fill the article.

oh, and the glutamine I buy is pretty cheap, so... dont shop at GNC?


Thibs actually recommends carbs post workout. This is a noncarb alternative.

And I think this is a dosage you would have to build up to if you don't have a strong stomach. If this is giving you diarrhea, then it's doing the opposite of its intended goal. I know some people can't even do 5g of glycine without severe stomach upset. My stomach is usually fine with up to 15g glycine. I haven't ever tried glutamine though.


Everyone used to believe the world was flat too cause you know, EVERYONE else said so. But then they tried to sail off the edge of it.

Wow! What a novel concept? Heaven forbid you put it to the test for 8 weeks and, um, decide for yourself????

Hey look! I should only have 0.8g of protein per kg of bodyweight cause you know, EVERYONE says so.


Makes me wonder what's in anaconda...


the only difference is there was zero scientific evidence supporting the flat earth belief, and literally hundreds of studies touting the benefits of pre/post workout carb ingestion.

please make sure your metaphors are relevant before submitting to critique.

also, studies have shown that even type 2 diabetics glucose tolerance improves to normal levels post exercise.

until someone can give me any reason why someone should use the protocol outlines above, i see no reason for discussing this further.


Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.


Ignoring JMo b/c he's impossible and refuses to believe anyone could be a decent physique while low-carbing...

I cannot handle the glutamine. At all. I've vomited up my PoWo shake enough times that I'm done wasting my money.


I bought my Glutamine at Rite Aid and it wasn't that expensive. I haven't had a problem with it.


OG... sarcasm? Roman's diet doesn't appear to be ketogenic at all - he also doesn't seem to need to lose any weight.

If I'm not dieting, I'm not keto'ing, and vice versa. Just what works for me.

"Ketogenic" is really a misnomer anyway, let's call it a VLCD.


you are right, just very high fat