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Seeking your Thoughts - Meal Replacement

Greetings. Perhaps you fellas and girls can help me out.

Currently I train fasted first thing in the morning, having only had water and black coffee to get me going.

My first meal then is usually an enormous one. Up to this point i’ve been having the following as my first meal:

Large bowl of oatmeal, approx 200g of peanut butter, serving of protein powder, one whole egg, one banana, some honey, some water all mixed together and microwaved. I’m not joking when I say that this meal alone has almost 2000 calories.

The reason I eat like this is simple: I normally struggle to get enough calories in, so it really helps to take out a huge whack in one meal, and this takes the pressure off for the rest of the day. I am determined to get enough calories and protein in every day because without these i never seem to make any progress, and when better than post workout AND breakfast all in one to get such a huge meal in.

My question then: lately i’ve been getting really bored with this meal and it also tastes like crap. in addition it’s been starting to bloat me so i could (arguably) be developing an allergy to peanut butter if i continue to eat it in such vast quantities.

Can anyone suggest a replacement? I’m hoping to stay close to 2000 calories because this works really well for me.

any help appreciated!

a 2000cal meal will leave you bloated, period. I also don’t think it is necessary. If you’re concerned about the peanut butter, switch to almond butter - or just almonds, since you’re blending the stuff anyway.

[quote]nighthawkz wrote:
a 2000cal meal will leave you bloated, period.[/quote]

This, why not have a shake pre-workout then subtract those kcals from that meal. Or just not have a 2000 calorie meal and eat more later.