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Seeking Wisdom for First Cycle. New to Gear

I’m 30 yrs old 5’11" 230 roughly 18% bf. I’ve been natural so far and lifting heavy for a few years now. I want a small first cycle. I’m strong now but I had an injury in Jan 2014 and I’ve been rebuilding/building since then and I want a boost.

I’m not all that worried about seeing my abs as I am increasing my strength and power. Im and endomorph and I love my wife’s cooking lol.

My plan is to start a 500mg/week sustanon 250 cycle for 10 weeks and run either clomid or nolva starting 10 days after last injection.

I’ve been reading and I’m still reading on how to best go about this either 250ml twice a week or 125ml eod.

I’m new and not familiar with all the terms and chemicals yet but I’m getting there. I’m not necessarily looking to be spoon fed. But experience speaks volumes over “Internet truth”. Please feel free to criticize/critique my cycle.

I would try to get leaner first.

Personally due to half life I would probably do 125 eod and take .25 to .5 adex eod the days between the pin days.

Ok. I’ll look it adex. I’m working on leaning out. Thanks.