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Seeking Wall-Mounted Squat Rack


I'm trying to set up a gym in my garage, but it isn't a big garage (hey, I'm lucky to have a garage in Oxford at all). I did figure that I could make room for a "half cage" like the one in the photo, but when I measure up, there's no way I can fit both the car and that rack in the garage together.

But then it strikes me that I have a good solid wall. Surely someone must make a frame I can mount on the wall, and avoid using all that floor space. Kind-of just the uprights (with suitable mounting brackets) from the rack in the picture. But I can't find such a thing.

This isn't a money-saving venture: I've seen enough posts here about people building their own racks to save money. If I ever have to drop that squat bar, I want to be confident it's not going to crush me... I don't want to lash together some nonsense of my own, I just want to buy a kit I can bolt to the wall.


couldn't you just buy some type of fabricated metal arms and drill them into the wall? not sure about the structural issues but that would seem to be the simplest solution.


Yea; I guess. And I may have to. But I like the adjustability of the rack, the way you can un-mount the catchers when not in use, and the fact that someone else has worked out the tolerances necessary to catch my falling olympic bar.


Dude , be careful with this . I'm no home-builder or engineer , but the only way I see attaching something like this to a wood-framed/studded wall is with lag bolts into the studs . there aint a chance in hell I would trust a set-up like that .

can you say Wheelchair ?


Have you got 80 cm?


Weight limit 160 kg, and you don't have to bolt anything to the wall.



Get your self a pair of olympic stands to hold the barbell and mount 2 very very very powerfull hooks to your roof, go out and buy alot of chain and just make a large loop and hang it off the hook.


Oh, I forgot you guys over there have houses made of paper. Maybe that's why I can't find this kind of thing anywhere. My garage is made of brick and cement; it even has a double-thickness brick butress half way along. It's pretty solid.


Thanks ... that could just work for my garage. I could even throw the chains over the roof beams and forget the hooks...


If by paper you mean wood, then yes. Brick is made for compressive loading. Enough side load will still blow out a brick wall.

Why don't you just turn the rack around when not in use. It looks much shallower in the front.


The olympic stands thing looks good with the chains. As another alternative I use 2 heavy test sawhorses from the hard ware store and those bitches work like gold for me and I can easily put them away after training. They catch a ton of weight before even bending.