Seeking Vet Advice , First Cycle


Almost 25 yrs old/ 3yrs training/ 6’3/ 224lbs/ 18% BF

Bodyfat was down to 12% but made many poor eating choices on my past back to back vacations. (lol)

I would like to compete in the future and have decided to try my first cycle. Yes ive read numerous threads including the giant newbie one. I am just posting what I plan to do in order to seek out some vet advice and tweaks. With a few simple questions about:

1: Side effect protectors during cycle for gyno and such. If it is a high occurance and what i should have just in case. (On a budget)

2: Whether clen is worth the time and money after my first cycle.

3.Is a 4wk 50mg/daily clomid a suitable PCT as ive read only multiple different doasages.

This is what I have come up with.

Weeks 1-12
250mg test e

Weeks 1-2
25 mgs dbol ed

Weeks 3-4
50 mgs dbol ed

Weeks 15-18
Clomid 50 mgs ed

Week 15-16
40mcg clen ed

Week 19-20
80 mcg clen ed

Week 23-24
100 mcg clen ed

I may pay a trainer that is getting these items for me to walk me through it as they are a sponsored athlete with great results. However I wanted to see if my research has paid off and if the people with experience on here can help me out as well.

I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to help an aspiring bodybuilder.

I wouldn’t cut during PCT

Why is it that you wouldnt recommend a cut during pct?