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Seeking Training Setup for Assistance Work

Would you setup weekend only training with the same general assistance setup(push, pull, lower/core categories)? In my case I would squat/deadlift Saturday and press/bench Sunday. Thanks

Are you doing any other training throughout the week? I don’t think doing the twice a week template in two days will yield much if that’s all you’re doing.

No, I plan on incorporating a couple short (10-20 minute) kettlebell/bodyweight sessions between Monday and Friday, and at least one 30-45 minute run. Mostly focusing on swings, push-ups, dips, pull-ups, recline rows, and v-ups. Saturday and Sunday I will do barbell training. I have the new book, so I’ll probably start one of the programs that have one main lift per day (alternate front squat/deadlift each saturday, press/bench sunday) and run a 3-4 day program over 2 weeks (yea, I know not the best option but I need to get the work in, I will get the work in). I previously used the limited time set up from the new book, but found it difficult to get in the lifting workout during the weekday.

Have you looked at 2x2x2 program? Page 230 of Forever.
It splits the week into 2 days of lifting, 2 of conditioning and 2 of mobility/flexibility.

Jim’s article, “Effective Training for Busy Men”, has a weekend only schedule.

Safety Bar Squat 5x10
Stiff Leg Deadlift 5x10

Bench (superset with chin ups)
Press 5x10
Rows 5x10

It says, “You’re free to choose whatever assistance exercises you want but keep them high volume and “big”” - Jim Wendler

You are correct, I saw that before. But that template was not created with the current assistance setup in mind, I’ll just have to experiment.
The 2x2x2 template also alternates squat/bench and deadlift/press, which wouldn’t work for two consecutive days.