Seeking Training Advice

Hi, this is my first post on T-nation. I am 23 yrs. old, 120 pounds, and 5’2. I have been weight training on and off for the past year. My usual week consisted of squats, deadlifts, bench press and some secondary lifts in between. However, I never really had a set training schedule and then the lifting slowly would stop. I would like to lose fat and gain lean muscle. My diet is usually higher in protein and fats with some carb splurges in between. I have tried and successfully followed the T-dawg diet. I know this place is full of training/dieting information but I just wanted to get my concern out and see where it would take me. Thanks for listening…so, any advice on a training schedule?

Hi Eillywana,
in the main menu,section Article Library,click Authors.
Some of the possible choices are:
Staley - EDT
Waterbury - The next big three
Alessi - Meltdown
Davies - Fat to fire
I would recommend one of these programs, a proper diet, 30 minutes of interval sprints 1 or 2 /week.
Hope that helps !


Welocome to the forum.

I notice that it is your first post. :slight_smile:

Anyway, you say your diet is in check and such which is HUGE. Good job. With that I say you can expect massive progress if you simply take that final lil step. Choose one, anyone, really of the porograms by the many coaches and follow it as laid out and to completeion.

Having never followed a strutured plan based in science and results like these coaches have blessed us with you are bound to make huge strides.

Just pick one that catches your fancy follow it, pick another, etc… Keep a training log and you will soon be well on your way to learning what works best for you.

Good luck and dont be a stranger,

Luca and Phill,
Thanks so much for the quick replies and advice. It’s really cool that I can talk with you guys through these forums! (can you tell I’m new to all this) I am definitely going to read through those articles you recommended and start from there. I’ll probably have more questions later. And don’t worry, no stranger here…this is too cool to be a stranger.
sending my thanks,