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Seeking Total Routine Tweek

I haven’t really seen any results on the scale regarding my way of eating (I am currently doing Weight Watchers, and consuming 800-1000 calories a day)… along with supplements and I exercise not as much as I should… any suggestions?

Sample Meal:

2 whole eggs

Mid-Morning Snack:
20 peanuts

Lemon Water

1 1/2 spinach leaves
1/2 can of tuna
Calorie Free Italian Dressing
1 small papaya
Green Tea

Afternoon Snack:
Organic Soy Yogurt

Lemon Water

1 cup broccolli
3/4 cup grilled Chicken
1/3 cup salsa
1/4 cup low fat cheddar cheese

Lemon Water

10 almonds
Green Tea

I also take Vitamin C (1500mg a day), L-Glutimine Powder, a Multivitamin, Selenium, Chromium and Vitamin B-Complex… but I haven’t lost any weight and I’ve been eating this way and similar for almost 2 weeks now and no change in weight!

This is a joke right?

Up the calories, up the exercise.

800-1000 just seems far too little to accomodate fat loss (I am assuming you are fairly light, like around 120-130 lbs) if you want to exercise at the same time. I find keeping calories at maintainance level and doing lots of HIIT and weight workouts with short rests (but still heavy weight) really helps burn off fat.

I should note that you should definitely keep up with what you are already eating, as the diet looks awesome, but please oh please eat at least 1.5 times the amount (30 peanuts instead of 20, etc.).

dude, seriously. if you are on “gay watchers” and eating that many calories per day, please stop whatever the fuck you are doing right now and read the t-dawg 2.0. while your at it, give the beginners blast off a read.

I am 140… and 800-1000 calories is what Weight Watchers recommended I take (which is 18-20 points…)… but I do feel unsatisfied

I really love the Organic Soy Yogurt. It’s how I’ve built all my mass. Made me hyooge! I’m thinking of making a Fat Fast style diet but with only Organic Soy Yogurt.

Oi… the infamous points system.

My mother showed me that, and when I saw that I would get 3 points for a 45 minute walk, and the fact I already walk over two and a half hours everyday, not to mention lifting…
It became tedious math for me. Still, weight watchers seems effective at getting people started out at least, but isn’t necessarily the best.

I admit, it would greatly help if you showed us your current exercise schedule set-up, if any. But feeling unsatisfied definitely is telling you to change the routine to something more enjoyable and effective.

Dont forget the 6-7 meals a day, so your insulin levels stay spiked. You dont need to eat much, just make sure you get a little snack every now and then. your diet seems alright to me, definately post your training schedule.

guys, be nice, shes a first time poster, she doesnt need all the BS, just some simple answers.


please go read before you offer any nutritional advice again.

thank you

Add two eggs (140 cal.) to the two you already had. Add 1/4 cup of nonfat cheese if you want too.

Add one string cheese (80 cal) to the peanuts. I’d switch to almonds but you don’t have to.

Go with a whole can of tuna instead of half and quit counting the spinach leaves. A handful still isn’t any calories.

Skip that crappy fake yogurt and go with 1 cup of nonfat cottage cheese and 3/4 cup of blueberries. I buy mine frozen for $2.50 a pound.

Toss the whole chicken breast in at dinner. I get the frozen, skinless, boneless ones at Costco. They average 6 oz. each.

So that adds: 640 calories, 85 gm P, 33 gm. C. and 17.5 gm F over the course of the day. It bumps the snacks to more like meals and it should total your calories closer to 12 per pound or so. You should get stable insulin, not feel hungry (much), and maybe lose some fat. You do have to get moving though.

All that walking and shit they tell you to do works great on fat women that never walked before. For me walking is like breathing, not much effort and I’m not going to lose fat doing either one. Try HIIT (do a search) or moderate cardio a few times a week on non weight training days. (You do lift right?)

Although P-DOG was a bit blunt… T-Matt-16, the asker already stated (she?) had snacks inbetween meals. For someone light, 20 peanuts can count as a meal (although I don’t necessarily recommend that…).

yeah I’m a she… :slight_smile:

Serves you right.

Weight Watchers. Pft.

Hi, Brazeneye, welcome to T-Mag!!!

Weight Watchers has helped a lot of people take control of their lives and their eating patterns, and that’s a very good thing! But from the looks of things, their point system is based on a person’s total body weight (TBW). I would imagine WW works exceedingly well for those with larger amounts of weight to lose. An area where WW and T-Mag differ is in the area of physical activity. People with larger amounts of weight to lose are not always able (or inclined) to do cardiovascular exercise and lift weights, key components in altering body composition (i.e., the amount of fat mass (FM) to lean body mass (LBM)) and achieving LASTING results.

Weight Watchers and T-Maggers approach things in very different ways. I would recommend that you start reading the forum on a regular basis, do searches of the forum (the search engine on the left-hand side of the screen) for items of interest and read articles on diet, nutrition, weight loss, food combining, etc., in the Previous Issues section. You can also use the search engine to search the article archives by changing the default in the drop-down box. In particular, if you’d like to get a feel for how we approach weight loss and manipulation of body composition, I would recommend you read everything ever written by John Berardi.

Some of our (T-Mag’s) core nutritional values are:

  • Protein every meal
  • Protein requirements based on LBM
  • Quality fats (fish oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, raw nuts)
  • 6 or more meals every day
  • Ultra low calories = starvation = loss of LBM = destroying/lowering your metabolism (bad, bad, bad, bad, bad!)
  • Reasonable amounts of cardio to speed up fat loss (excessive cardio can be very catabolic)
  • Weight lifting to preserve muscle mass while dieting
  • Weight loss that results in the loss of FAT, not just the loss of SCALE WEIGHT

Start by taking a look at the T-Dawg 2.0 diet. It’s a diet that’s gotten any number of people great results without their feeling hungry or deprived; it’s my favorite diet here on T-Mag. If you need help running the numbers, I’d be glad to help. But be prepared, the numbers will be higher than what you’re currently eating. When I first found T-Mag, I was trying to eat about the same number of calories per day. I had totally stalled on weight loss. I ended up doubling my calories and weight loss started again. It just absolutely blew my mind.

Anyway, once again, welcome to the forum. After you do some reading and get a better feel for how we approach things, we’d be glad to help.

Hi Brazeneye,

I just want to echo what Tampa-Terry said. I too have had the experience of NOT losing any fat when taking in too FEW calories. I increased my caloric intake and starting shedding the fat again. One key for me is regularly measuring fat and LBM (lean body mass, which is mostly muscle). I do this every Friday. The picture can change in just a week. If I see that I have lost little to no fat, but have lost LBM (or if I’m losing more LBM than fat - both situations are bad), then I increase my calories.

If WW is still the same as when my mother tried it, they have people weigh themselves, but don’t measure how much fat versus LBM is being lost. I strongly advise you to track both fat and LBM. I use the Slim Guide caliper which I bought at Fitness Wholesale http://www.fwonline.com/sgsfc.htm

Good luck!

T-Dawg is good, maybe some HIIT for cardio though,stuff kills body fat.