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Seeking Introductory Biochem Text


Sorry if this has been asked about for, but I'm looking to get a better grounding in the biochemistry behind supplementation as to better understand what's going on in my body. I just finished reading Duchaine's Body Opus book, and much of the discussion was over my head. If there are any books that begin on the assumption that the reader knows very little, I'd appreciate a recommendation. Thanks.


Biochemistry Primer for Exercise Science by Mike Houston.

It's also a good idea to break into biochem even more slowly through an ex. physiology text.

The NSCA Fundamentals of S/C book has basic biochem as well as other applications.



Voet and Voet is another very good one. Pretty hefty (1000+ pages) but it is the core text of choice in the UK for biochem degrees but assumes little knowledge and takes it right from the begining.

I was skint at college and managed to do the whole degree using little more than this book: all the subjects covered, great graphics and not quite as 'dry' as some of the others can be as well.


I got this book based on this reccomendation. I mean, I didn't pay for it, interlibrary loan found it for me, but still...

It's a good read, definitely not a light read but alot of good information. I've had a year of gen chem, so I knew what was going on in a round about kind of way, and I still found some of it hard to follow on the first go 'round. A little thoughtful reflection and I think I've assimilated most of what I've read.

Thanks DB!