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seeking for powerlifting program


hi all..
i would like to start a powerlifting program but the ones that i?ve found are too complicated or need equipment that i don?t have...i train in a bare bones gym...benches...barbells..
dumbbells...power rack...chin dip station...and i don?t have chains or bands or stuff like that...i train four days a week...mon,tue,thu,fri...if you have any suggestions let me know...

thanks in advance


Have you ever posted anything in those "Westside Question" threads?

I've yet to purchase chains and have JUST purchased our first pair of mini bands. BUT, have been able to follow Westside protocols for our training.

And what "powerlifting programs" have you found?


Either follow the Westside Program as stated in Dave Tate's "The Eight Keys Part 4" or contact Coach Davies and purchase the Powerlifting program. I'm using that and absolutely love it.

But you can always use the Westside program, and guess what? It's free! It uses all the basic exercises and stuff you can do in almost any gym!


i found stuff like 3x3...didn?t like it because of the light loads all of the time, i found ed coan?s routines but didn?t like them either...i was thinking about starting the wsb program..the problem is that my gym closes on weekends...do you think it would be ok if i train mon, tue,thu,fri instead of mon,wed,fri,sun?



For the WSB routine, you have some options for a Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri routine. You could do:

Mon - ME Squat
Tues - ME Bench
Thurs - DE Squat
Fri - DE Bench

You could obviously switch all of the squat and bench days.

I just started with:

Mon - DE Bench
Tues - ME Squat
Thurs - ME Bench
Fri - DE Squat


Try this.

That's an article from the Westside boys prior to the use of bands and chains. You should be able to do everything in there (with a few small modifications) in a barebones gym.

Other than that I would just suggest a classice 5x5 program.



you will do fine on westside if you do monday-dynamic bench, tuesday-max effort squat, thursday-max effort bench, friday-dynamic squat. This is what i did for the first six months on westside. Go to www.elitefts.com and read all of the articles there. Im assuming you have read all of the articles here many times. Read them over and over. Once is not enough. You catch something different every time you read them. There is a beginners routine in the eight keys article found here. Move the days to suit you.


Did you try looking in the faq?
Also, do optimized volume training in the search engine for that.
Ian King also has some great programs all in the faq.