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Seeking Aesthetics Workout Program (Diet + Workout Details + Detailed Background)


My friend developed his base via that program. He’s packed on a lot of muscle and has since moved on, but he had great results.


For leg day I am going to swap out:

|B|Barbell Hip Thrusts|4 sets|10 reps|
|C|Barbell Single Leg Squat|4 sets|8 reps|


|B|Back Extensions/Weighted Back Extensions|4 sets|10 reps|
|C|Single Leg Back Extensions/Single Leg Weighted Back Extensions|4 sets|8 reps|


I tried to fight the urge to say it, but I gotta say it.

Your physique goals are totally naturally attainable at your age and stats.

To me, it seems almost as if TRT doctors hands out TRT to anyone that walks into a clinic. Could it have been lack of exercise and poor diet were the cause of your low T (if it was ever actually low) in the first place? And wouldn’t you have gotten a better return out of your TRT had you spent more time in the gym and had more experience dialing in your diet?

This article would make me question your doctor: https://www.t-nation.com/pharma/tip-high-dose-trt-or-mild-steroid-cycle But then again, Im natty elitist, so this isn’t really my scope of practice. I usually just read the stuff to plan ahead.