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Seeking Advice with my Diet


Hey everyone. I am currently trying to loose BF and doing a low carb approach. I am looking to get some advice on my diet as in am I eating enough, good ratio in protein and fat, etc.

I am currently 208lbs and around 20% bf

I am doing 3 full body workouts a week (basicly 5x5) and 2 lactic acid sessions per week

Mon.: Full Body - Heavy Load
Tues.: Lactic Acid
Wed.: Full Body - Light Load - 30 sec. rest between sets
Thurs.: Lactic Acid
Fri.: Full Body - Medium Load- 40 sec. rest between sets
Sat. off
Sun. off

My Diet:
upon waking: 2 scoops whey- 280 cal 50g protein 6g fat 12g carbs
meal 1: 2 whole eggs, 2 sausage patty- 380 cal 21g p 32g f
meal 2: 4oz. ground beef- 270 cal 20g p 21g f
meal 3: hamburger no bun - 380 cal 25g p 30g f
meal 4: filet steak and box of broccoli- 350 cal 38g p 12g f 10g carbs
meal 5: 40z. ground beef- 270 cal 20g p 21g f
Total : 1930 cal 174g protein 121g fat 22g carbs


Personally I think that's a bit low on protein, that might be one place to look if progress stalls.


You're going to burn out quick if you started at only 2000 calories...


Thanks for the replies. I forgot to add on the full body days I have 2 scoops of whey during workout. So on them days that would bring total cals to 2210 and protein to 224g.


I would probably wait until you get to a lower BF% before going to a low carb approach. As long as you are training hard and maintaing a calorie deficit then you can make progress.


If you're going with a full-Keto approach, I would say your cals and protein intake and way too low for someone of your starting weight. You might want to consider a CKD approach instead. I know I've never felt that I can retain most of my muscle mass on a full keto.



Thanks for your input. I have been looking into CKD and I like what I read. If I do go full Keto, Where would you suggest starting my cals at given my training I listed above? Thanks a Bunch.


Figure out what your maintenance intake is for your current weight, and just knock off a bit each day (-500 cals until you stall, and then drop another 300 etc). If you drop too low too soon, you can bottom out your metabolism, and then you really won't be happy -lol.



Personally, I don't like zero carb approaches. I believe carbs have their value in a diet, as they increase metabolic rate and thermogenesis for some time.
When I do zero carbs, I lose too much muscle tissue. Carb cycling has worked best for me - by far. When preparing for a contest I go for 2-3 low carb days a week, only one high day, and moderate days for the rest of the week.

Another trick when dieting is using high amounts of fish oil. Like 12-16 caps of Flameout.
In your diet I don't see enough polyunsaturated fatty acids, to little greens and too little protein.
Consider trying a MAG-10 pulse fast day a week as well.
Cheers, Para


Another thing: I do best if I have all my carbs before 4 pm. The only day when I would have carbs for dinner would be the one high carb day.
I strictly separate fats and carbs. Usually I would eat my carbs/protein meals in the first half of the day and my fat/protein meals in the second half.
On low carb days all my carbs would come from my peri-workout nutrition.