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Seeking Advice, Weight/Sets/Reps?


Hey guys my name's Danny and I'm 20 years old.

I'm very new to weight lifting. Over the summer I would occasionally go to the gym with a few buddies of mine and of course I was sore but nothing to stop me from going back the next day. So when I made the move out here to NM I found a few new friends who I could go to the gym with. I have no idea what I'm doing so I tag along with buddies.

Problem is they overwork me. I'm either doing too many reps/sets, too much weight, or a combination of both. I'm currently 143 about and want to get to around 165/170 at least. Problem is I dont know if I'm doing it right. I try to keep up with my buddies but on the second day we went, after doing biceps and back, I havnt been able to straighten my arms until today (we went last Wednesday) so I havnt hit the gym since.

I just dont want to hurt myself again. I eagerly wanted to back to the gym (I want to go every other day) but I just couldnt do it with the pain I was in. I think it will be bearable enough to go back tomorrow I just want to know how I should handle it. I'm a scrawny little kid, I can bearly handle much weight at the moment (maybe 25's on the bar for a deadlift). Should I decrease weight, decrease reps/sets, or both.

Like I said, I'm clueless. I've been reading some of the articles here but just a little concerned.


Picking up "heavy" things will do that. It will make you sore and it can and will be uncomfortable at times.

I mean, weight lifting is a bout damaging and repairing your muscles to get them bigger. You really have to enjoy the process and keep at it consistently to reap the benefits.

Also eat more, you'll recover faster. Lot's of meat, eggs, potatoes and more meat.


Do I even need to ask if you bother training your legs?


also eat loads of meat and potatos


you would probably be better off doing your own program rather than training with your buddies. i guess it is hard for us to know how well your buddies train but the odds aren't particularly good. there are lots of programs on this site... pick something and work hard. eat, too.


you only need to train chest and biceps, you'll be huge in no time


I want to but I also want to know how my form is on a lot of things like squats and deadlifts. I want to make sure I am doing it right so thats why I tag along with friends.