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Seeking Advice: Weight Gaining Diet

Hi everyone,

I am new on the forum, but not in taking care of my body. A bit about me first. I am male, 22 springs, 174 cm for 67kilos.
I just finished a 4 months diet which made me go from 83 kilos to 67, I kept training 2 times at the gym using heavy weights, +2 other times doing cardio and circle training activities, so a total of four training a week. I am happy with the results.

Now, my issue is that I really wish I could gain as much lean muscle as possible and got troubles adjusting my diet. I am truely motivated and too. I consider taking care of ones body the first steps towards a healthy life. I will continue with 3 heavy lifting a week + 2 capoeira training during weekends.

First of all I was thinking, of doing it in two steps anyway, to make sure not to jump too high too fast concerning the intakes.
Allright so here it goes, I followed Thibaudau’s nutrition for newbies article guidelines

BMR = 66 + (13.7 x 67.5) + (1.7 x 173) �?? (6.8 x 22.5) = 1131,85
Times 1.6 -> DEE = 1810,96kcal.

I was at -15% during my diet so below are my first steps.

During 2 weeks: 0% -> 1810,96kcal
TOTAL per day 1800kcal 238,05g/prot 145,25g/carbs 25,6g/fat

Then, +15% -> 2082,604kcal
TOTAL per day 2082kcal 246,95g/prot 185,25g/carbs
See the picture attached for the details of my meals in this phase (sorry it’s not realy in english, but first are kcal, then prot, then carbs, followed by fat)

And then perhaps increase again a month later.

My concerns are as follow, I am worrying of gaining too much fat again which explains the almost no carbs in the eve. Is there anything lacking in your opinion concerning this diet?

Any advice or tip would help me.

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards, Alex.

MEN: BMR = 66 + (13.7 x weight in kg) + (5 x height in cm) �?? (6.8 x age)

You = 1711.15
(1.6) = 2737.84
+15% bulk = 3148.516

BMR = 66 + (13.7 x 67) + (1.7 x 174) - (6.8 x 22.5)= 1126 right?
Times 1.6= aprox 1802
So +15% = approx 2070 no?

I took my weight this afternoon again. I remade it with those numbers.

It’s 5x your height, not 1.7. 1.7 is for women.

HOLLY S*** !!!

And I was going like this for a while, so it means instead of the 1400 daily kcal I am going at actually I should be around 2100…
(see pic attached).

I screwed up big times.
So I got a couple of questions now. I have always been conducting my diet on this formula. But in the end I dropped a lot of weight, but still I don’t fill lik eI lost a lot of muscles (it doesn’t appear like that when I take my measurements; chest and shoulder remain the same while waist got down). Moreover I still got a tiny tiny bit of fat left on my belly. I should be between 10 and 13 %body fat. Why didn’t I lose everything and or muscle?

What should I do now? Can I just go back to 2000kcal starting tomorow, or should I go slowly to prevent my body to make reserves?

THANKS A LOT for spotting my mistake!!!

Lowering your calories doesn’t automatically mean losing muscle, there are a lot of factors to take into account. You might have eventually lowered it there anyways. Most likely it means that you hit your plateau a lot faster than you could’ve.

Pictures, strength in the weight room, and calipers can help tell the story about your muscle mass.

Whatever you’re eating now, I would add 300cal per week until you get to where you should be. Always best to transition up I’ve learned.

Thanks for the advices, I will go up at 1800 for a week before hitting the 2100, then 2400, etc…

Only consequence it will have is on my new schedule (starting monday), it will handicap me the first few weeks concerning muscle gains. Or perhaps not, as it will represent an increase in my intakes, the body might produce muscle, and lean one too. Could I get your insignts on that one?

Appart from this, do you think the calorie repartition during the day is ok?

Really, thank you.