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Seeking Advice on Test E, Eq, Mast Cycle

Looking at starting my 3rd cycle soon and am seeking some opinions simply for my own safety.

Test E / weeks 1 - 14. 500mg
Eq / weeks 1 - 12. 400mg
Mast e / weeks 1 - 14. 100mg

Pinning twice weekly all stacked together.

Arimidex on hand at 0.5 mg 2x per week although have never used it in previous cycles.

Nolvadex d for pct
Start 1 week after last shot
Week 1-2 daily 20mg
Week 3-4 daily 10mg

Previous cycle was
500mg test c weekly with 100mg of mast for 12 weeks.

Bloods were checked some time after pct.
Plenty of sex drive no e sides

As far as i understand you add mast only for sex drive, yes?

Anyways, you havent uploaded a picture, so its hard to say anything. We have a list of drugs here, but we dont see the progress so far.
So this cycle might be too much, might be ok, might also be a wrong choice maybe. I dont know as i cant see you and now nothing about you. So we would be talking about a cycle for an imaginary person.
For me this cycle would be bad, for example. For someone else - good.

EQ takes ~6 weeks to clear, but you’re starting pct after only three weeks of being off. That’s a bold strategy.

The good news is that you won’t really even get much from the EQ by running it such a short time, but at least it’ll mess up the timing of your recovery. So all around that’s about the worst plan for that particular drug that I’ve seen on here in a while.

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I managed to put on and hold around 8 kilos on my last cycle going from 65 to 75
170cm tall

Your pct is too early, and pretty low on dose. Not enough time for the eq. The mast is too low of a dose.

Would you have any suggestions for a better way to run it?

The post was made for my own safety and advice.

Run the Test and EQ only. The Mast at 100 will hardly do anything in regards to muscle. It will increase libido, and even at 100 mg may cause a hit to the hair (mast is brutal on hair).

I would run the Test 16 weeks, and the EQ for 12. Wait 3 weeks after the test to start PCT. I would use HCG at 500 iu EOD for the period between the cycle and the PCT. For the PCT, either do 40,40,20,20 or 20,20,20,20,20,20 with the Nolva. I’d probably do the latter if I PCT’d.

Personally, I would rather run 900 mg of Test than Test and EQ, but I handle estrogen pretty well. EQ just has such a long half life that it ends up taking so long to build up, and clear out. I don’t think it is great for guys that do PCT, it is more suited for blast and cruise guys. Do you have this stuff already? They do make a bold cyp, that has similar half life to Test E or C. That would be suitable. The PIP is supposed to be pretty brutal with Bold cyp though.

Thankyou for your help, the only reason I was going to run the mast is because my last cycle i did notice i got super dry and hard looking and had barely any side effects.

I already have it all ready to go but am open to suggestions as I just want a safe and successful cycle.

This is your second reference to safety… three mentions of safety total. Have you considered your weekly AAS load per kg of lean body mass?

Genuinely curious how you rationalize these dosages given your current physique and level of muscular development.

Where is the safety-besides running injectables-what harm reduction techniques are you using or have considered?

Have you considered minimum effective dose for your goals?

What are your goals?

What was your first cycle?

First cycle was practically the same as the second which I felt fine on and recovered well