Seeking Advice on Old Prohormones

Hi everyone. I’ve got a friend who’s got the following old stuff in his cabinets:
4-Androstenediol 300 mg (2)
Methyl 1- Test 5mg (2)
Methyl-1-Dien 1mg (2) "
Methyl-1,4AD Diol 30mg (2)
M4 Ohn 4mg (2) "
19-Nor-4-Androstenediol (Norandrodiol) 300 mg (1)
4-Androstenediol (Androdiol) 300mg (1) "
1,4 androstadiene-3,17-dione 200mg (2)
6-oxo 300mg (3)
The only thing he has for PCT is the 6-oxo.

  • The expiration dates are on or around Aug 2007.
  • He is 59, single (if that matters - no wife or kids), and a hardgainer.
  • Should he use these PH’s that are 11 years past the expiration date?
  • Would it even be worth it risk/reward-wise (side effects of liver, hair loss, libido affect, gyno, etc vs what he might gain from the few cycles he could get out of this much stock)?
  • Is there risk of jacking with his hormones at 59 (irreversible?)? He doesn’t really want to lose any more hair, mess with his liver, get gyno at that age, or mess up his libido any further.
  • Also, he is on TRT - sublingual 150 mg/day (btw, his doc said that sublingual bypasses the negative affects of oral (?) - I believe this site recommends injections, then topical, and never oral - he’s not getting a lot of muscle assistance from the TRT btw).
  • Also, he’s also not going to know how to use them appropriately (whatever was researched at the time has been forgotten by now) (unless I come back and ask I suppose) and once they’re gone the well will be dry.
  • He’s also a little anxious about the legal ramifications of still having them in the cabinet as well. - There may be a lot to comment on in here.
  • What do you guys think? Give 'em a shot or throw 'em out?
    Thanks in advance,

Methyl-1 Testosterone is one of if not THE most hepatotoxic orals ever created. It is borderline dangerous for even short cycles.

He bought them when they were legal, I presume? If so then he shouldn’t have any concerns about having them in his home (although why bother keeping them?). If he tries to sell them then he’s in a whole new realm of legal issues.

I see no reason why he would keep them much less take them. At 59 he doesn’t need to trash his liver for some temporary gains.

thanks for the feedback. i’ll pass that along. yea, he got 'em in 07. just to clarify, there’s no use him taking ANY of them at this point? thanks,

by sublingual TRT are you talking about methyltestosterone? If so, 150mg daily is a super high dose and methyltest isn’t recommended for TRT, still liver toxic. if this 59 Y/O can handle 150mg of methyltest daily he must have a liver forged from diamonds. Methyl 1,4AD should be a prescursor to DBOL, so if he doesn’t mind getting his cholesterol trashed and his blood pressure raised that one could be worth taking. Methyl 1 test is far too toxic for someone of his age (or anyone) to consider taking. Methyldienolone I would steer clear of due to it’s extreme potency, not stuff I would be messing around with, plus its a designer steroid therefore there is no research on it. 19-nor ad is a precursor to deca, I don’t think you’d get any appreciable conversion but it may be worth a shot. For someone on TRT PCT isn’t needed. Personally, I’d just go for real gear, it’s safer than the PH route. 1,4AD should be a precursor to EQ, 4,AD is a precursor to test. There’s a dump in Australia where you should throw these out (I joke), but seriously, don’t sell them, the penalties for selling AAS are beyond harsh

oh no. the 150 is sublingual Testosterone. he’s not taking nor has taken any PH’s since 2007 or longer ago. Thanks for the great feedback!

To be fair methyltrienolone and dimethyltrienolone are much much much worse than methyl 1 test, methyl 1 test is 5ar reduced dbol, people have literally died from taking methyltrienolone for a few weeks, there was this guy who did a log on it for 3-4 weeks or something and he died from it, I can post the link if anyone wants to see it. I don’t know any legitimately educated person who would take methyltrienolone or it’s dimethylated counterpart, which is even worse. Methyltrienolone is methyltren, it’s like the boogeyman of anabolic steroids in that it will actually do what the media says anabolic steroids do, it’s so potent it’s dosed in micrograms!

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