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Seeking Advice on My Stack and Diet


Im gonna start with a bit of history. Ive been lifting for a little over a year now semi-consistently and in that time ive gotten some good results and I lost about 75 pounds. I am no longer pre-diabetic as well. However Ive been having trouble figuring out where to go to take it further.

Firstly diet. Ive been pretty bad at this honestly. In the beginning I was somewhat good at it, but lately, I have been lax mostly because I a. Dont have the funds to purchase many groceries and b. Just dont know what would be best. It doesnt help that my family consistently eats junk and often include meals for me even though they know I try to avoid it, I usually procrastinate on cooking in advance because of my lack of direction on what to cook as well so I just end up eating what they bring out of convenience. In the past 4 or 5 months ive tried veganism, omad, intermittent fasting. Gomad, and currently am very sparingly carnivore. I believe my problem stems from having unclear goals as I simultaneously just want to be thinner and also want to pack on a lot of muscle. So I end up confusing myself. I tried to simplify to just eggs and ground beef, every 2 hours or so now but again, Im not sure if this is best.

Next when it comes to supplements, I take prescribed drugs and such but also throw in Magnesium, Zinc, and things like that and am on TRT. Its about 200mg/ml .5 ml injected twice a week. My doctor also has given me sermorelin and lipo-b injections but I have not started them. Overall, what would be a very good stack to quickly start leaning out and/or packing on muscle? Polling around the internet, many say I might be wasting time/money with GH hormone peptides prescribed to me. They have pointed me to SARMS like MK677 as more bang for the buck. Additionally, in the more conventional department, I noticed my original drop of weight was accompanied by CLA and L-Carnitine usually twice a day and wonder if that could have contributed greatly to the loss.

Please if anyone out there is willing to dispense advice im all ears. Im in a fog right now and want badly to have a clearer direction to head in and if someone has gone through this already id love to know what I should be looking to or not looking to to reach my goals.

…SARMs are stupid.

Now that that’s out of the way, you have an all-or-nothing approach to dieting. Every diet you’ve tried has been unsustainable.

Pick 3 carb, protein, and veggie sources.

Pasta, rice, potatoes.
Beef, chicken, tuna.
Broccoli, spinach, asparagus.

Add eggs in the morning, and just mix and match these. You can get everything I listed super cheap and in bulk.

Based on my 40+ years lifting experience, my MD, my PhD, and the deep dive I’ve made into the BBing literature: My advice is, lift and eat well on a consistent basis.


But simultaneously…



I guess I should clarify. I dont buy my own groceries all the time and between myself and my family, the stuff things needed for my diet are not really prioritized. Doesnt help that again, I dont really know what I should be getting most of the time either. I admit, I could be doing a lot better. I also cannot drive and thus cant get to the grocery store or gym as often as id like. I most of what I have in terms of supplements/drugs are prescribed and covered by insurance or bought a long time ago and have lasted me for several months.

As you choose to frame them, your issues are not of the sort any of us can help with. What do you want people to say–that you should buy a car, or move out? I can tell you this much with regard to ‘packing on a lot of muscle’: Until and unless your lifting is on-point, your ‘stack’ and your diet Do. Not. Matter. So stop making excuses, and start figuring out a way to perform intense resistance work on a regular basis. Note that I did not say ‘lift weights.’ Do pull-ups on the tree outside. Do deep-knee-bends with your fat brother sitting on your shoulders. Do curls using an old bicycle inner-tube for resistance. Just do something, anything other than further musing on the ideal ‘stack.’


Now you’re just throwing up roadblocks for yourself. The solution is a tiny bit of extra planning.


Well thats why im here. I would like very much to plan but I often get overwhelmed with the choices. If there was a good direction I knew of id gladly try my best to follow it. In terms of diet and exercise, a good definitive go to grocery list and rep range/weight to use for what exercises. I guess Im still lost when it comes to that and dont feel like im going anywhere winging it as I am right now but dont know exactly what I should be doing.

For nutrition: https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/simple-diet

For training, anything from this site will do the job.