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Seeking Advice on Labwork: Extremely High SHBG & Prolactin

Hi everyone, have been lurking on this forum for some time now, would highly appreciate any advice on my hormone panel, M24.

LH: 4 (2-8)
FSH: 2 (1-8)
Testosterone: 42.8, 37.4, 44.7 (8.0-32.0)
SHBG: 96 H, 72 H, 92 H (10-50)
Free Testosterone 486, 531, 537 (250-700)
Prolactin: 485 H, 472 H, 232 (45-375)
TSH: 2.88, 1.98 (0.4-4.0)
FT3 and FT4 are both mid range.
Iron and Vitamin D are good.
Unfortunately Doctor wasn’t willing to check Estradiol.
CRP: 23H (<5) - CRP was checked in March 2020. Plan to get this retested. Can high CRP cause high SHBG?

Just not sure what to do about the elevated prolactin and SHBG. I’m an otherwise healthy dude with no symptoms of low T, however just want to make sure I’m not missing anything serious, doctors have not been much help hence why I’m here.

I understand Total Testosterone is overinflated due to the high SHBG, but I would really like to get to the root cause on why the SHBG is so extremely elevated in the first place, same with the prolactin.

Appreciate any feedback, help, advice. Thanks!

What does your doctor say?

Not much. From my experience doctors here in Australia are not very good with hormones. For example, my doctor said only Total Testosterone matters and thought I was on “androgen supplementation” because my total testosterone was so high, yet LH and FSH were in range … My doctor didn’t even flag the elevated CRP as an issue to me as well… hence why I must take the initiative to take my health into my own hands and research myself. This is why I’m here on this forum in the hope that some knowledgeable people in this area can give advice so I can discuss further with a doctor. Thank you and have a great day.

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You’re PRL isn’t currently elevated, right? Am I reading them left to right in terms of oldest to latest? SHBG try Proviron or Boron. Do you eat low carb or keto? That usually raises SHBG

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Are you having any symptoms from high prolactin?

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Are you sure it is not wrong?

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Good idea. Not directly, but some inflammatory conditions may increase both.

It is associated with elevated testosterone. I assume liver function tests are good? No crazy diet? I’d put this on the back burner.

Perhaps your doctor will consider an MRI?

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Thank you everyone for the suggestions it’s all really helpful. I appreciate the feedback. I will look at getting the CRP retested asap, and discuss some liver function tests and an MRI with my doctor. Thanks

As for the elevation in SHBG, look at the liver. I see guys coming in here that had been on starvation diets long term which can increase SHBG.

As for the prolactin, prolactinoma, a tumor on the pituitary gland, medications (SSRI’s) can cause elevation in prolactin.