Seeking Advice on Current Regimen

This is my current regimen and all the test results that I have from my latest round of testing.

I’m omitting some back story with Andro 1.62 this year on my Low T adventure for brevity.

Prior protocol Aug-Oct 2014: TestCyp 105mg 1x week
Anastrozole: .25mg E3D
Four days post injection results:
TT=921 ng/dl
T Free=257.9 pg/dl (this was marked as HIGH)
T Bio=485.5 ng/dl
SHBG=16 (10-50nmol/L)
Estradiol=34 (this was when I changed myself to .25mg Anastrozole EOD)
DHEA-S=160 (70-495mcg/dl)
T3 Free=3.7 pg/mL (2.3-4.2)

Current protocol Oct-Present (this was a change in clinic/practitioner):
TestCyp, 150mg/ml vial, injecting SQ .5ml/75mgs on Mon and Thurs.
HcG 5000iu vial, injecting SQ 250iu or .25ml EOD
Anastrozole, .25mg capsule EOD

Most all of my symptoms have abated quite nicely, I feel great, but not fantastic. My ongoing bothersome symptom is ED. troublesome for a year or more, alone or with a partner, not hard enough, tough to maintain erection. I was able to try Cialis 2.5 and 5mg daily without any noticeable improvement. Cialis this method was/is cost prohibitive. I’m siding with this being a mental problem. I think that my libido and desire are normal, I’m definitely interested, but with little physical response with visual stimulation, even a twitch or tremor.

-describe body and facial hair= thinner body hair, slight male patter baldness. Facial shave needed daily that seems unchanged.
-describe where you carry fat and how changed=stubborn midsection/belly fat increase the last 18 months
-health conditions, symptoms [history]=tonsillectomy, tachycardia/mitral valve prolapse, two instances of basal cell carcinoma with total removal. genital herpes.
-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever=no hairloss drugs ever. taking Acyclovir 400mg/2x day, mens multivitamin, 3 drops Lugols 2% Iodine 1x day, Omeprazole 1x day, NSAID daily/as needed, 100mg DIM 1x day at night
– real dangers! see this
-lab results with ranges
-describe diet: low complex carb, high protein, little to no grains/potato/rice, fruit yes. 2 liters + water per day
-describe training=bike 4 days week = 5-7 miles/30 minutes, heavy weight training, full body
-testes ache, ever, with a fever?=no testes ache/pain
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections change= I’ve gone from none at all to the occasional but sporadic night erections, some hard enough to wake me up. maybe 1-2 nights per week. I’ve not tracked frequency with my current drug protocol.

Not seen this before: TestCyp, 150mg/ml vial

How long have you been using current protocol?
Labs soon?

Read this sticky and not the first paragraph:

  • advice for new guys

post all lab work with ranges, need more than basic hormones
any [other] thyroid labs?
do you use iodized salt - for years?

T3 Free=3.7 pg/mL (2.3-4.2)

  • this is a little high, if you check body temperatures as in the thyroid basics sticky and they are low, then there might be a problem with elevated rT3, which can be elevated from stress/health events, and starvation diets and over training can contribute to that.

Were you not able to absorb andro 1.62? If not, that is a symptom of hypothyroidism. Thyroid issues can contribute to weight gain or limit ability to loose fat.

What is your history of [other]: accidents, stress, infections, surgeries etc?

The 150mg/ml vial is from a compounding pharmacy, I wasn’t expecting that concentration. I should have labs in about 3 weeks, I’m three weeks on this current regimen. No iodized salt, thats what prompted some reading on Thyroid issues even though it doesn’t appear there’s a problem in that area. Just something to add-in/try. I’ve not gotten to running temperature checks at the present time but I know I’ve always been <98.6 at Dr’s visits.

Then change from Andro 1.62 was prompted by a physician change, she was not going to continue the therapy even though it was obviously working, said 582 TT was too high, I was too young, etc etc

On these I really don’t have anything to report, I’ve always been very healthy stable, and “normal” without medical intervention.“What is your history of [other]: accidents, stress, infections, surgeries etc?”

I would get some labs done to see where you are on this protocol. More often than not, E2 is the culprit for ED issues while on TRT. My guess is that yours is too low at the moment. .25 mg Anastrozole EOD will put a lot of guys’ E2 in the dirt.

The E3D to EOD Anastrozole change was prompted by the estradiol testing at 34 (@ 105mg/week dosing), and the concurrent increase in testcyp dosing (effective 150mg/week), and addition of HcG. I’m anxious for the testing in ~3 weeks, I feel the Estradiol is where the problem lies, like I’m going to have to somehow tweak the Anastrozole dosage or frequency. Im keeping everything steady right now in anticipation of my next round of tests absent any other obvious symptoms of low, or high, E2 levels and following this typical protocol for 1mg in divided doses.

I can understand wanting to keep things stable until your bloodwork. I think that’s a good idea.

Was your E2 value from a sensitive test?