Seeking Advice on Bodybuilding Program

A little background I’m a 21 year old college student who has been training on and off the last two years after 3 years of solid training.

I was a sprinter and football player in high school and I have never trained for asthetics at all, all of my work was geared towards performance, specifically the 100m. I ran 10.65 at my pb, I’m very fast twitch oriented.

Because of that fast twitch orientation and my inclination towards low rep programs, I’m wondering what program would suit me best? I’m currently 6’2" 205, I’m looking to do about 8-10 weeks of a bodybuilding program before I start back into some sprint training this summer. Any advice would be appreciated.

The best gains will likely come from what you have avoided. So if fats twitch and have been using such to lift HEAVY and low rep make your self do a program a bit higher volume lower load.

Or hell best of both worlds do ABBH or maybe something like westside for skinny bastards. With WS4SB you could do sprint work on a day or two as well.