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Seeking Advice On an 8 Week Cycle w/ Special Circumstances

I don’t even know where to start but I guess I will have to start somewhere.
1)24 years old( 25 in 3 months)
2)Been working out since 16 years old. Got more serious about it around 20 years old. Been in somewhat good shape from time to time, 165-167 lbs, 225 bench,275 lbs squat, 225 DL. (inconsistent due to partying and having that kind of a lifestyle, lately due to not having much time and substance abuse that turned my life to shit, and which I finally quit about three weeks ago. I will talk about it later ).

I’m 5’8" , wrist 6.5 inch, ankle 9 inch ( I know) , waist is probably 28-29 and hips are the same. You can probably tell that it is kinda hard for me to maintain desired weight, one thing if I was skinny, I could look ripped at all time but I’d say my comfortable place is at 15% body weight.

In the past year I got really inconsistent in the gym and that is when I started loosing my gains slowly. Why this was happening? I got introduced to a substance called kratom and was a fool enough to get on it. It is a legal substance in most of the US states so I thought it could do no harm. Long story short - it acts as a stimulator and as an opioid. It suppresses appetite as well, not sure if it really suppressed mine but I do think it stated affecting my gains). At 21 years old I was able to gain more mass with the same workout routine and a worse lifestyle( meaning frequent partying, once a week on average). So finally I was able to push my self and quit. I feel like I had to share this info after 8 straight hours spent here and or reddit educating myself. Now to the actual topic…

Taking in consideration that I only worked out about 7-8 times in the past 30 days due to recovery from a substance, I’ve lost some gains once again and I’m at about 158 lbs I believe(maybe 160). Btw If I didn’t work out at all I’d be at around 130 pounds easily - So I am looking to get on a 8 week cycle and this one catches my eye

W 1-8 Test Prop 100mg EOD
W 1-8 Tren Ace 75mg EOD
W 1-8 Mast Prop 50mg EOD
W 1-9 Adex 0.25mg EOD
W 2-8 HCG 250iu E3D
W 9-12 Nolva or Clomid

But the thing is I am looking to get on this cycle because thats the amount of time I have before I leave for my friend’s wedding overseas and I want to look as good as possible for the upcoming two weeks of madness. At the same time I am thinking if it would be wise to get on that cycle considering that in the next two weeks I won’t be working out much, of course I will try and grip to all the bars I see, but I don’t think there would be much of the gym complete intense work outs. With that being said, Should I still go for this cycle since it is a lean mass one ? Or should I go with this cycle ?

W 1-6 Primo 200mg E3D
W 1-6 Winny 25mg/D
W 9-12 Tribulus

Another concern is that I don’t want some crazy gains within an 8 week period, so that’s why I would like to hear a feedback on these cycles and see which one would work best for me. I am also concerned with oral intake, since it all has to go through the liver and I’d prefer to minimize
an organ damage. I am still trying to get the blood work info straight in my head so I can have a clear picture of what to test for, especially after quitting a substance I talked about earlier. Any help considering blood work would be appreciated.

I think that’s it , sorry if this is a complete mess, English is my second language and I was never big on writing Essays.

No worries about English being your second language I understood everything.

The problem is not your English it’s your complete ignorance to steroids. Nothing you have said in this post is a good idea.

You don’t use those compounds for a first cycle. You don’t plan a cycle based on not being able to work out properly in the following weeks that’s simply retarded.

Are you a Troll?

This post screams Troll or someone who has no understanding what so ever about steroids.

Your going to hurt yourself if you do any of the things above you mentioned.


If you’re truly seeking advice then here it is: do not do this. You have admitted to substance abuse problems. That’s a good first step. But abuse is abuse and what you’ve laid out is simply a different set of substances. The abuse is still there. Nobody—and I mean nobody—will tell you that it’s a good idea to use tren on a first cycle. That goes double for someone who has abused something like kratom. It goes triple for someone who just got done abusing kratom and who is still, for all intents and purposes, an addict. You are going to hurt yourself a lot of you do this. That is a promise.

Want to look better for this upcoming wedding? Use those eight weeks to train and eat consistently. You’ll be amazed how fast your body responds to steady, proper stimulus from lifting and a healthy diet. People in recovery make amazing gains their first few months because it’s almost like they’re starting over. Their bodies are craving that consistency and the challenge that heavy lifting presents. Do it right for eight weeks and I bet you’ll feel like an entirely new person, no steroids needed.


No, not trolling at all. Just like I said I’d like to get in the best shape I can within the next 8 weeks. If I keep diet and recovery in place along with my program, I would have great gains in 8 weeks even without gear, but I won’t come out lean. So I was looking for a little support from gear to build lean mass.

Ok well you got your answer don’t do it.

If your looking for anything else or valid to use steroids I suggest going back to reddit where people will help you fuck yourself up.

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To be honest, you sound like you want to use Gear to make up for what you are lacking in discipline. You are expecting the Gear to pick up the slack.

+1 for DON’T DO IT!

Get your life in check first: train consistently, get a good diet going and give it a few years before even considering jumping on gear. Honestly with your substance abuse history I would recommend you stay far away from any drugs, steroids or not.

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