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Seeking Advanced Program for Weighted Pull Ups


Hello strong people!

I’m seeking some good (preferably tried and true) program to increase my pull up strength. I’ve already tried to Google this, but it didn’t really help. There is a ridiculously huge amount of different programs for powerlifts out there, but for pull ups I can only find bodyweight stuff and some novice to intermediate -level programs (“how to get a 100 lbs weighted chin” etc.)

By far my best pulls are 130 lbs @ 182 BW and 120 lbs @ 198 BW (with full ROM and dead hang start of course). I know these 300+ pulls are not world class, but they seem to be heavy enough to plateau my progress.

Are there any strong pullers or just wise men to help me? It seems my own knowledge won’t get me any further – at least not optimally.


Someone more experienced will chime in soon
My advice? Go pick through Alpha’s logs, guy can do 180 lbs @ 240 bw for a triple


Tbh have never really given much thought to weighted pull ups other than as more back work/volume as accessory to the powerlifts. Think maybe was doing 2 plates / 40kg / 88lbs for half a dozen at 80kg/176lbs. Never maxed on it tho.

IMO there’s no special advanced program for weighted pull ups because there really isn’t one.

Just because you’re performing a body weight staple with plates hooked up to you or a dumbbell between your thighs doesn’t mean the principles of strength training get chucked out the window.

The only awkward aspect will be having to weigh yourself every work out and not drinking a liter of water intra workout.

I’d recommend programming for weighted pull ups like you would for bench press. They’re both upper body movements that generate relatively less fatigue than say a squat or deadlift.

This might help (haven’t watched it but the dude puts out good content)


This program by Pavel Tsatsouline might interest you:

According to the author, the 3RM progression is what you are looking for regarding weighted pull-ups.
On the interwebs there is a blogpost of someone who spaced the days out because it was too hard on the joints. As in 1 day on, 2 days off.

On that regard, Chad Waterbury offered this advice:

TL;DR Use rings if possible, and neutral grip as second best to spare the joints.

Personally I found that the lats are more involved in a pronated standard grip pull-up than in a neutral grip pull up where biceps take a more important role. So I prefer using a pronated grip if possible.

There is also the Easy Strength and Grease the Groove approach, promoted by Dan John and Pavel Tsatsouline.

Grease The Groove is performing the lift multiple times throughout the day, never even approaching fatigue, etc. More can be found online.

You most probably already know about all of the above, but I include it for completeness-sake for the lurkers that may stumble upon this post.

Hope that helps