Seeing Urologist Soon - Any Major Points?

Hi All,

I’ve posted previously with my results.
I believe I have low T with the feedback that was previously provided.

When was much younger i dabbled with anabolics (stupidly) as wasn’t too sure with what i was doing… trained with another guy who assured me that he knew wat he was doing.
Long story short, i did a course of deca and test, just 1 pin p/w, didnt seem like a big pr major course for a 6 week period, felt as if had deca dick off it… i waited a while and visited Dr whom said body would sort itself out…

I dont think it did, after getting help was advised yrs ago to do a course of test (sustanon) and did a basic PCT - shot of hcg and then nolvadex/clomid for approx a wk or so (Please note that it was a differenttime yrs ago and couldn’tjust go upto somebody and starting asking about loss of libido/deca dick/erection issues as can now) so literally did the best i could.

I now have a private medical appointment scheduled to see a urologist soon after a lot persisting with my GP. I have had low T results (well apparently low range of normal as doc says - 9.6 nmol on first test and 10.8 nmol on 2nd)

I’ve been reading the stickies posted for some knowledge, but was just wondering if there’s anything specific i should be asking them on my visit?

Is it possible to inject once a week as i don’t really like injections? Im really just wanting to have one course and then do the proper PCT which may have
I’ve read its best to run HCG with some courses and have injections rather than creams and any supplements etc? Should i ask to run this along any course or?

From reading, im aware that the test is cypionate, enanthate and sustanon? Is there any specific one I should be trying first?

Is there any alternatives I should be looking at before go into TRT?

I’ve got the usual symptoms of brain fog, tiredness, no morning wood, no erections (unless days) ED, PE, achy balls at times… balls feel soft but not small… read that loss of hair on legs is a sign which i have on one leg lower down , joint pain and just tenderness and loss of strength etc… breathing issues (hearts been checked out by ecg and its fine…

I’m just worried as if low T then can cause heart issues/major issues if left untreated.

Is there anything i should maybe bring up to the urologist or any information i should be definitely highlighting to get the best care etc?

Thanks for any advice and very much appreciated in advance

I would go with enanthate, sustanon as a second choice, and cypionate is most likely not available in your country.

There’s no reason why you can’t use 29 gauge insulin syringes to injections shallow IM in the deltoids and quads.

There are men who can go on cycles and recover with no issues over the course of their life, then there are guys after only one cycle and things are never the same.

You may have to prepare yourself for a life long commitment to TRT.

Your doctor will likely order LH and FSH, but from the symptoms you mention, it sounds like secondary hypogonadism based off the fact your balls ache which happens when the testicles aren’t receiving enough LH stimulation.

Your TT levels are low enough to qualify you for TRT <12 nmol/L if in the UK.

Thanks, im based in the UK, is cypionate not available here? I just remember when went to gym was offered this but that was obviously under the counter so may have well been from another country , cheers ill go for enanthate or sustanon. Does sus have deca in it though? Ive heard begore that it does but not sure if rumours etc👍🏽

How often and how much test would you think us best please weekly?

Yes would much prefer to do it with the insulin needle, this is whats used for HCG isnt it and in the fat area of stomach etc? I’ve always injected in glutes area, far out sides of butt. I injected once in shoulder delt, but was a bigger needle than the insulin needle. Absolutely hurt like hell for a good few days! So will use a different method… quad or glute :+1:t4:

Im hoping i just didnt get test to start properly again and maybe if do a proper course with hcg and nolva/clomid if needed then it will restart the HPTA, but like you say sadly it may be too late and may be looking at TRT :sob: Would the correct process be to start TRT, then see what im like after a course of it and then check bloods to see of maintaining or require further courses?

Is there anything i can do in the meantime to give the testes some LH stimulation before see urologist…

Should i be asking urologist to include HCG or anything else when/if asking for TRT?

Thanks again for any advice :+1:t4:

No and I would refrain from asking these sort of questions during your urology appointment.

You need to come across as someone seeking treatment for a legitimate medical condition, if he thinks your going to abuse steroids while on TRT, he may refuse to treat you.

The UK is one of the worst places to get good treatment for TRT. There aren’t a lot of members here who are on HCG in conjunction with TRT unless it’s for fertility reasons.

I’m afraid not and even if you could you need to go to the appointment at your worst or else you might not be eligible for treatment.

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[quote=“systemlord, post:6, topic:276983”]
No and I would refrain from asking these sort of questions during your urology appointment.

Thanks, yes makes sense wont ask these types of questions. Is it best to come clean with Urologist and let him know there was a time i dabbled with AAS specifically, deca and this may have been a culprit or just best to stay quiet?

Ok, yes im guessing its going to be just test enanthate, sustanon then? Have you heard of test undecanoate, heard that maybe available? Is that any good and requires less injections?
Whats your view on creams? Im guessing the drs will first attempt to push that? Unless really ask for injections…

Any views on Nebido… test undecanoate? Theres an option to have it orally too?

Unless you go to Balance My Hormones in Dorset or Men’s Health Clinic. Enanthate is very close to cypionate in the half-life and is interchangeable.

Some men say they feel better on one or the other, but these guys are unicorns. I’m one of them. Cypionate was more potent, more impactful, but I over-respond to a lot of things, so if anyone can tell a difference, it’s me.

Hi guys please see above and also if i have low test and taken silfendil, have you ever heard this causing an issue before, took it over a month ago and still getting weird slight headaches/eyestrain, usually in morning and then subsides during evening? Spoke to Dr, hes just said to monitor it really…

Habe you guys heard of Nebido - test undecanoate also and any reviews/thoughts on this?

Just wondering before starting trt for life, is there anyway i can start a reboot after a cycle/a course of AAS as didnt do the hcg enough or clomid/nolvadex? Is there anything the Urologist may offer?

Do the creams work as well as the injections, if need to do TRT? Just concerned about injections for a lifetime from now as now keen on them anyway… but if needs must them i will… likely to be enanthate 1x pw so shoukd i be looking at 1ml or 0.5ml abd then save the 0.5ml for tge week after?

Im also really concerned about something which i didnt think about, if i’ve had low test and had children which i have had 2 boys, is this likely to pass on to the boys or cause any issues that way??

@systemlord @middleages @highpull

Once he sees your labs, he will probably know anyway.

Not after a month.

Yes, but have no experience with it. I would use it only if nothing else was available.

Not likely, but would not hurt to try. Uro may offer clomid.


Most take 120-200mg weekly in one or two doses.


It’s not popular and doesn’t offer a lot of control like with the shorter esters. The shorter esters allow you to manipulate the hormone profile, flat and steady, or you can get the levels to swing by moving the injections further apart.

Also, not everyone is going to feel good with super flat steady hormones, and this is what Nebido does. Nebido also takes months to reach steady state, the half-life is 30 days x5 to reach a steady state, a long time to wait to draw labs to see where your levels are going.

Should you end up lower than expected levels, increasing the dosage sets in motion a long, long process of dialing in.

In comparison, cypionate reaches a steady state in 4-6 weeks! The oral T (Jatenzo) I’m currently on takes 7 days to reach a steady state!

Ok, will see what he says and see if he notices :+1:t4:

Ok hopefully so, woukd like to try begore goikh onto a lifelong course of TRT as hate needles.

Would it be worth mentioning enclomiphene citrate as heard somebody discussing this as worked more effectively than clomid? Or are they for different purposes? Am i on the right lines Should be asking for an AI while on this if he does prescribe it to stop any gyno?

Thanks very much for this, puts my mind at rest… i dont know what id do, if if put my kids at risk for a stupid mistake!

Thanks, is this a oral testosterone? How does this work please, does this mean no need for injections? And it sounds like it reaches a steady state quicker? So better? Is this available in the UK or would there be an equivalent here?

Yes, taken twice daily, preferably with food.

It is absorbed via fats in the intestines and bypasses the liver on the first pass.

Yes, no need for injections, but is not available in the UK at the moment. It is available under a different brand name in Canada.

Better in that it only suppresses the HPTA 70% allowing LH and FSH to still be in the low normal ranges. Also Jatenzo more closely mimics a natural hormonal rhythm by varying the hormone levels, typically peaking at 2-hours 980 ng/dL, and at 12 hours 300 ranges.

You also achieve higher DHT versus injections.

Oh balls, this sounds ideal but it wouldn’t be available in the UK :sob:… may be something to look out for the future though​:+1:t4:how long have you been on it?

It’s only a matter of time before an equivalent is available.

Onn a proper dosage, about 6 months. I have been on Jatenzo since last May. Before Jatenzo was A1C was 12%, is now 6.4% and is continuing on a downward trajectory.