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Seeing Stars and Straps..

Ok, somethin weird happened today whilst i was training and no, it wasn’t me being tied down and beaten til i saw stars…

I was deadlifting about 70% of my 1RM and my head sort of exploded. My vision went all blurry and loads of black dots appeared in front of my eyes… so i sat down, drank some water and it kind of ebbed away, then i stood up and got the most almighty headache and had to leave. Just got home and i feel fine now…

Has anyone experienced this before? I was breathing correctly during the movement, wasn’t de-hydrated and i’d eaten an hour or so before the workout.

Any ideas?


I remember straining under a ridiculous leg press (years and years ago) atfterwhich the base of my skull felt a sharp stabbing pain, that wouldn’t reside. It lasted a few days, on and off afterwards. I later read something about the muscles there and how I must have popped something. Scared the shit out of me, thinking I had somehow detached something serious -lol

Were you holding your breath? I know a lot of people do that and just tense the hell out of everything. Really increases the chance of straining or tearing some of the smaller, less prominant muscles.


Maybe you had a brain haemorrhage?

I get that sometimes but its usually well above the 75% mark, my mate gets em all the time, just stress from whatever you were lifting, your cns is just giving out :slight_smile:

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I’m forever seeing stars, (or more specifically, black and white dots). A good cure seems to be to put down the weight and start breathing again.

you guys seem to have missed where i said i was breathin properly =P but thanks, i’ll monitor it for the next few days and if it repeats i’ll go moan at my docs.


It happens to me also on leg days HEAVY SQUATS OR DEADLIFTS will do that to you its all good just sit down on sip some water and monitor how your feeling but should be fine… I love it

I find that I get black dots (but nothing else) if my head isn’t as high during a squat or deadlift as it should be. I’ve been better with hydration over the years and I find that I don’t get them as often anymore, or my form is just better. If you get all 3 symptoms even when you try to go lighter and try all the fixes, I’d check with your doctor.

It most likely isnt the weight itself that made you see the stars and stuff (where most people claims it happens) but it could have been the total volume of your workout along with the lack of corrct breathing causing that.