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Seeing Results With EQ?


Hey guys, I have been taking EQ for 2 weeks now along with Test cyp and I haven't noticed any huge difference in strength. my bench went up 10LBS so far and everything else is still the same the only differenct i notice is that my recouperation time is alot faster and I barely get sore anymore. When shall I expect for my body weihgt to increase and weight in the gym? Oh ya I have finished taking M1T for 2 weeks and had 2 weeks off then started taking 400 EQ Per week and 500 test cyp Per week.

Someone please reply!!!


hey bro, If you knew anything about the compounds you're injecting into you body, you would know that the test is going to take 2-3 weeks to start making a large difference and the eq will take even longer. if you're looking for faster results you should have used shorter esters. nuff said.


ahhh yess i-c Last stack was test ent and Tren. Worked after the first week!

I'll keep u guys posted next week...



oh yea brother just wait, i personally enjoyed eq very much, you will eat anything and everything, and still want more. good luck



dude you took m1t... then took 2weeks off... then proceeded to take test and eq.

that is whacked.
you should have waited till you were finished with your m1t post cycle regime and your lipids normalized. meaning 4-8weeks if you did 2-3weeks of m1t.

eq shouldn't be noticed till wk4-6 and it will not give too much strength gains.


If you're using injectables with a long halftime, do a frontload. That will bring the bloodlevels up a lot quicker which means you will notice it's working earlier.



Puffff My bench jumped 20LBS in 2 weeks Squats 30LBS and Partial Deads 55LBS! I can see it all finally comming togeather! Starting some D-Bol next week.
THKS guys!


WTF? I have put on 4 LBS in the past 4 1/2 weeks and I'm doing 400mgs EQ and 400 test Cyp, the past I started D-bol now I'm at 50mgs per day. Does this sound right with regards to my current gains? This past week I hav also upped my test to 750mgs per week hoping to put on a few more LBS by the end of this month I've got 10 MLS of ( Test cyp 205mgs/ml and 10mls EQ 200mgs/ml). I' will keep u guys posted later next week.


Even though this is your first time around those doses are low. Both myself and AR and zillion other guys have said the around 500 (I thiink he said 600) mgs of test is the number you want to shoot for if gaining size is the goal. As for 400 mgs of eq I ran that low once and wasn't happy, that was of course after the first time I ran it around 600 mgs a week and I LIKED IT ALOT!. Do you have the hunger? If not up it/get some more and run it around 500-600. IMO 600 and 600 would have been great or even 500 and 500. Not sure that really helps at all right now though?

As for the dbol at 50? Well I think that's too much and you'd most likely grow just as well off of 30 mgs or maybe even 25 ed plus put less stress on your system and save yourself some $. For most 50mg of dbol is the higher end of what you'd want to take. Also what type of AI are you running with the test/eq/dbol stack that you're on right now. I'd reccomend arimidex and it's not hard to find if you know where to look, pretty cheap to. Also what's your pct look like?


Diet is almost always the culprit. What are you eating...grams of protein / carbs? Total calories / day?

You will not see results from Eq for at least 4-5 weeks....at least that is my experience.


I'm taking 750 test per week and I'm gonna start 600 EQ this week also and drop the D-bol to 25mgs per week. I got some Nolva on the side and had to take it last week because my nipples got sensitive and a lil itchy.


I started test enanthate 500 mgs and boldenone undecylenate 400 mg three weeks ago, and am now only starting to feel it. I have heard of people not really noticing it for up to 4-5 weeks. I just replaced the enanthate with suspension a few days ago, and find this is a better fit, as suspension is fast (the fastest!) acting and the boldenone slow and long lasting. I will come off of this with nolva and HCG.

I have no soreness of adverse effects. What I notice the most is incredible endurance and veins, because of the effect that boldenone has on erythrocyte maturation. I think that EQ works on red blood cells much the same way as B12, only stronger. I really notice this in my recovery and heavy bag work too.


Thks Doc N I'll go and get some test Sus and see how this will workout. THKS!


Yeah...I think 600 is the sweet spot for EQ. I actually did polls on this and it seems that regardless of bodyweight, this is the magic number. That was my experience also.

Personally, with Bold-No-Ester, I find doses as low as 50mgs/day to be decent.


Ok done a chest workout and got 2 reps with the weight I maxxed out on 3 weeks ago and got another 50LBS on my partial deads so someting has to be working, the problem I have witht the D-bol is that I bought it in capsuel form not tabbs they are suppose to be 25mgs each, and I'm poping 2 a day. The reason for having the D in capsuel form is because my dealer cant get the manufacturing of processing the powders ( The powder is white) into tabs. I'm on the D-bol now for almost 3 weeks and Haven't gained any mass like I expected to.

has anyone had the same experience/?


What's "like you're expecting to"? How much have you gained? Whats your macro intake look like?

Also imo 25 mg would be fine, you probably don't need 50 mgs.


You put 5lbs/week on your bench and are recuperating better, with less soreness.

SO in a twelve week cycle, you'll put 50lbs on your bench.

Sounds about right, man.


I expected to gain anywhere from 10-20LBS on this stack 7 weeks of test and EQ and 4 weeks of D-Bol. I am not finished my cycle yet I got 1 week left with the D-bol and 2 with the test and EQ. I'm beginning to think that the D-Bol isn't realy 25mgs per cap... I gained 5LBS in 5 weeks and thats it! I'm gonna wait untill my buddy does his cycle of Test and EQ and see how her does. The gear he is getting is from a different UG Lab.


No offense but do you even know how many calories you're taking in a day?

Also, what's the total # of lbs you are up?


I gained 28lbs in 6 weeks on just 25mgs/day of Dbol. That was my first cycle.

I think maybe it's not the dosage of the steroids that's the problem here, but the dosage of food and training intensity. Up those last two doses immediately....by 50%...