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Seeing GREAT Results & Not So Great Results, Help

at the advice of many, i started doing defranco’s Skinny Bastards 3 about 3 weeks ago. major lifts being incline bench (4 rep max @ 170lb), leg press (515lb for 3x8)(instead of jumping), flat bench (35lb for 4x12), and box squats (4 rep max @ 260lb).

i know, infinitely weak compared to the majority here, but its progress considering 4 years ago i was lifting the bar for bench. i used to look like eric on That 70’s Show - narrow shoulders, no muscle at all . . .

any way before the current routine, i was working on a 4 day 5x5 routine with some supplementary exercises thrown in after the major lifts for 5 weeks - so i’ve been bulking for a little over 2 months

i’ve seen some great growth all over. a bunch of my tshirts don’t even fit bc my back and shoulders have gotten bigger, and my skinny jeans (yeah, laugh, i figured if i wasn’t huge i might as well take advantage of the skinny jeans fad while it was still around) don’t fit anymore in the legs bc i’ve grown there also. i started out at 170, now i’m up to 185. i’m 5’11.

i’m definitely taking in 3000 calories - maybe not the right kind all the time, but i’m in college and have been bogged down with project after project and test this semester so i eat what i can when i can - if you can imagine its not so clean. i know a lot of guys deal, so i’m not trying to make excuses, i just wanted to let you know whats up. I’M WORKING TO CHANGE THIS VERY HARD!

as far as supplements go, i’m doing 45g of protein before and after my workouts, and 5g of creatine after workouts, only on workout days.

i’m working hard, harder than i ever have, at least i feel like i am. this is the first time i’ve used creatine and i think its doing its magic, we’ll just have to see if i retain all my gains.

. . . now the problemo, i have a sick gut. i can’t stand it. i’m down to one pair of pants that fit. i used to think i was a hard gainer, but i’m rethinking that now - or maybe i’m normal and not working hard enough. i know its from not eating clean. i’m going to work on that. my question is whether i should do cardio and specifically what kind, how long and when? or should i not risk getting bigger and just deal?

seriously its so frustrating bc yeah i feel great bc i’m stonger and bigger, but then i get down bc of this gross fat tire i’ve got around me.

You’re diet needs cleaning up I’m assuming. If you were eating clean foods in the right proportions you would see minimal fat gain. I know it’s hard, I’m in college too, but it can be done.