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Seeing Few Results, Help


well i new to the site fisrt off... im a jr in high school
I weigh about 200 and im 6 foot tall ... but i wana get more mucle mass and like before the summer... how do i do that? i go to the gym every day and im seeing little results... i considring legal steroids but i dont know what to get.?? and suggestions...?


10 sets of curls and extensions one every 2 and a half months along with hip hop classes at your local gym


Don’t they teach english in high school?

See beginner stickies in the beginner section. Try eating 6 times a day, lifting religiously, and doing track and field workouts to supplement your cardio as a sprinter. - join the track team enjoy.

The lifts to learn :




Military Press

Barbell Row



The Almighty Pushup


i do all the and i play soccer for my school im getting bigger but i want to get bigger faster