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Seeing Dr in January, Question about Labs

I want to get everything checked but don’t know exactly what to ask for. I am on TRT 150 mg a week. I have diabetes and cholesterol and little bit high liver enzymes and he will just check that if I don’t ask because he does not actually have anything to do with my testosterone my urologist does. But when I saw my urologist he only told my testosterone levels and checked my psas (should mention I had prostate cancer which is why he checks psas). I would like to know estrogen levels and just anything relevant just need to know what to ask for. Anything else? I’ve seen SBHG mentioned a lot just ask for that as well?


If you’re going to check estrogen, estradiol (e2) is the one to check typically. Shbg is nice to have & free-t and see what that is. Insurance may not cover them though, those aren’t typically used for treatment purposes by insurance docs, but you can always check. Also, I’d think it would be more beneficial if all your trt numbers were pulled at the same time rather than peice meal, it’s easier to see how they all fit together, that’s my thinking anyway.

Over all though how are you feeling? If you feel pretty good, it might not be worth it to pull all that, we’ll maybe once so you can refer to them if you start to not feel well later on.

I feel great. Better than I ever have maybe. TRT + weight lifting is probably the answer for a lot of middle aged men who are depressed and overweight with health problems IMO. But of course, not all are interested.

I want to build big muscle but even if I don’t succeed I won’t consider this journey a failure. I believe in building the skeletal system even if it’s not to gigantic portions. So far in 3 months I’ve gotten a bit leaner but I don’t think I’ve ever been below 25% body fat in my life. I haven’t checked but I’m probably 28% if I had to guess.

That’s another thing I think I’ll have the doctor check.

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