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Seedy Stretchmarks.


Hey all

Been on the bulk for the past 6/7 months and have gained close to 25 pounds. Unfortunately, my bicep and the tricep region have gotten many red stretch marks... i've tried vitamin E but it doesnt seem to be working. Some of the tricep marks have already turned white. Does anyone have any other oils i could use?


Coconut Oil. Anything that is used for pregnancy stretch marks.

Congrats on your stretch marks.


I don't really have any advice on stretch marks, I have them on my pec/delt tie in, triceps hamstrings and back. To me it's nice to know that I'm growing so fast my body can't handle it. They usually fade in time or if you tan/have darker skin.


Anyone that is big or gained some size will have stretch marks............

I really don't care and think they are sort of cool as long as they are not on my stomach, those just make me look like a fatty. For some reason my stomach got a bunch of stretch marks when I started LOSING weight? After a year long bulk, who knows why.........


I actually had a guy in the gym ask me if I had surgery on my triceps ha.



i literally have 60-80 all under my shoulders and around my back, been there for 4ish months, iv been told zink/magnesim is supposed to help aswell as tanning.. there not as bad as when i first had them, but i dont really think that its the tablets or tanning working, just time.

hopefully they will clear up by summer