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See ya Saddam

Enough with the political BS!

We have shown all and more of the evidence that is needed here. Colin Powell did a more than worthy job today and just added to the pile of sickness that we all know about this cancer of a human being.

As soon as the troops have all been deployed we will put an end to this evil beings reign. Order and peace will eventually be restored in this country that has been deceived for too long.

Like it or not, it’s time.

Bombs away !!!

The only problem I have with what may be planned is that I keep seeing it as a “disarming” action. If the only objective is to get in there and destroy their arsenal, then it’s not going far enough in my book.

Yes, it was pretty compelling. Hard to argue against. You can slow Saddam but you can’t stop him. I hope Osama is hanging out in Iraq, that would be a sweet deal. Take out two with one stone.

He made the case alright. Time for him to go. Then N Korea and Iran. The world will be a better place and the rest of the wack jobs will stay in line.

What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they have the History Channel over there?

Bush is the best. No gray area. It’s either black or white. With us or against us. Side with the Terrorists…share thier fate.

Heard a caller to a radio show today who was an Iraqi citizen and now lives in the U.S… He still has family in Iraq and swears that the vast majority of the Iraqi people will fill the streets in celebration once we get rid of that murderous, evil, piece of shit freak (remember the celebrations in Kabul after we kicked the Taliban’s asses out?) Let’s go kick some ass!!!

i’m loving the people in the t-forums more and more. i’m sick of seeing all these people in the newspaper with their peace signs. they have no idea about whats going on. i say we go in there and annihalate saddam.

Hehe… I’m a little bit more apprehensive about this war, but that might be because I’m a part of it!

It’s going to be a bloodbath. We still need to do it, however.

Powell Great Job!!! Where’s Non-American???

It’s finally good to hear so many people who aren’t protesting the war. It’s time to rid the world of such tyrants. There is as much, if not more, justification today, as there was 12 years ago, to get rid of him.

Well I’ll be the party pooper - the idea of “bombs away” isn’t so great when you consider how many civilians will likely die. It’s easy to just consider them “war casualties” because you’ve never experienced war on your soil. Imagine your mother, husband/wife, brother/sister, son/daughter killed randomly by a bomb. No, seriously try to imagine it. Then tell me that “bombs away” is the best option.

OK. So maybe bombs away wasn’t the best thing to say there but…
This is the cost of war. It’s not pretty, it’s downright sad and very painful. Nobody wants the civilians to be killed. That’s not what this is about.
This man is perfectly willing to sacrifice the lives of his civilians. He could care less. He has killed thousands of them himself. We are preserving many lives for future generations to come in Iraq. It’s not pretty, but it is best to do this now.

Just imagine what the world would be like with tyrants like Saddam and Bin Laden running wild and free ten years from now…
Talk about innocent people being killed.

what a bunch of shit.have any of you actually served in the military??? Do you know that over half the population in Iraq is under 18, and 40% of that is under 14. We are going to war with a nation of children. Is this war really about liberating these poor souls. Fuck no. After the persian gulf war in 91, we left Saddam in power and sacrificed thousands of rebels who we supported to bring down his regime. These Sunni Muslims lived and died like animals because the United States left their asses flapping out in the breeze. Sound familar? Well it should back in the 80’s when the we were still locked in a “cold war” with communism, we supported a bunch of Afghan freedom fighters most of whom were trained by our own CIA, this is again not unusual since we have been trying to overthrow gov’ts like this since the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. Yet once again, this group of Afghanis were left to fend for themselves. Wanna know who one of those people we trained was… Osama Bin Laden himself. Wanna know how kept Saddam in power all those years against Iran and still funds him to this very day with shipments from around the world… We do. If Saddam is so dangerous and he has had these capabilities for so long, why have we waited this long to take him out? All George Jr. is doing is covering his daddy’s ass because he fucked up in the first place. Also Bush is doing this to keep his ass in power, I mean afterall, when was the last time a new president was elected in the time of war. Who should be watching the history channel again…

Ya know, you just can’t please everyone.

If there was one mistake made in the gulf war, it was leaving Saddam in power. Why should we continue this mistake by letting him remain in power. The only reason we would be going to war with a nation of children is because Saddam put the children in that position. He?s famous for doing that sort of thing, using innocent civilians as human shields.

Saddam is a terrorist. As a part of this war against terrorism, he is an enemy. He is a danger to all of his surrounding neighbors, especially ones that don?t support his views. Saddam has also been supporting terrorist organizations, such as Al-Qaida. Saddam hates America. Osama Bin-Laden hates America. There is nothing that these two terrorists would stop at.

How is Saddam still getting funding from us? Iraq has been under embargos for several years now.

There are reasons why we haven?t taken Saddam out before. Most of which is the weak- spined presidency we had before George Bush, and the United Nations. They felt we should give him a ?chance?. Meanwhile, he and the terrorists whom he supports blow up our Embassies, attack American and Allied planes in no-fly zones, and kills his own people with weapons of mass destruction. As a consolation to ending the first war, he agreed to allow inspections for weapons of mass destruction. That didn?t last long. It?s just a matter of time until he?d kick out the inspectors again, because they got too close to the truth.

This time, we need to do it right. We need to kick his ass out of there. The reasons are more than justified. It would be ignorant for America to sit back and allow Saddam to continue. Consider the consequences if we allow him to remain.

Bombs away sounds about right to me. Civilians will die, yes that is true and that is sad. The Iraqi’s want the war more than anybody else. They want the asshole out of power.

I would like to make the point that if a "humane" war machine can exist, I would say the U.S. has taken the greatest pains on any country to ensure that the weapons we have and the training of the soldiers are geared towards avoiding civilian casualaties and focusing on disabling the military capability of a chosen enemy. i.e. we can inflict far worse death and destruction than we do, if we wanted to.

I still want to know why N. Korea seems unimportant and Iraq is #1. N. Korea says they have Weapons of mass destruction and are not afriad to use them. N. Korea, makes new threats everyday and the U.S. seems to sweep it under the rug. Have I missed something? The puzzle doesn't fit all together, I am missing some pieces.

hyooge – I disagree with pretty much everything…okay, absolutely everything you had to say. Amazing.

Whiskey – we didn’t take out Saddam the first time because we initially told the members of the coalition that we were going in to drive Iraq out of Kuwait, got lots of support from them, and then stuck to our word.

pat – just a couple of days ago, Rumsfeld mentioned the phrase “military options could be considered”, or something to that effect, should North Korea continue on it’s current path. I’m willing to bet that as soon as we remove Saddam, our focus will be turned to N. Korea. Don’t want to spread the military too thin – we’ve got what…five aircraft carriers in the Gulf? Plus, dealing with N. Korea opens a much larger can of worms, because it will definitely involve dealing with China, who will jump to their defense.

We never got rid of Saddam because the UN didn’t want us to, and we acquiesced.

And now the hawks are getting blamed by the doves for doing exactly what they asked the hawks not to do.

The UN would’ve sat back and let Hitler take over the US, Milosevic kill off everyone who wasn’t Christian, and they would allow Saddam to distribute his WMD like candy to any anti-US group that would come around.

I am not a war hawk. I do not want to go to war. But, I am in the military and I am ready to die. Like I said, it’s going to be a bloodbath. On both sides.

It seems that the views on this thread are quite unanimous. There are just as many reasons not to go to war as there are to proceed. Yes, Saddam needs to be ‘relieved’ of his duty, there is no question here. yes, just about every Iraqi desires new leadership. But just how many of them will be around to enjoy new leadership? Pat, a humane war machine wasn’t a concern in 1991 where there were 200,000 - 350,000 Iraqi fatalities (depending on your source), compared to 80 U.S fatalities and it is unlikely to be different here. Although this argument isn’t about comparisons or differentials, every life is incredibly precious, I believe most of the public view the situation in terms of peace and self-preservation for everyone, us today our children tomorrow. Whereas the public see this in terms of the previously mentioned reasons, the current Bush adminstration do not, at least only as a media angle for the public. Without getting into great detail some of the key players in the administration serve the following interests: Condaleeza Rice; Chevron Corporation - Oil, RAND - intelligence (which is just a buzzword for spying): Donal Rumsfeld; Asea Brown - Energy and Fuel development : Dick Cheney ;Halliburton Co - engineering serive for oil co.sAnd of course Mr Bush Jr ;The Enron affiliated Spectrum 7 which later merged with Harken Oil, also not to forget fulfilling his father’s own oil interests. I haven’t mentioned the others (especially Powell, that would require it’s own thread) and their interests. I find this quite remarkable as never has an administration been enriched with so many members who remain magnates in their business fields whilst in charge of the world’s greatest entity; the potential for exploitation is outrageous (this war is one such exploitation- there have been many others).

To say it’s all about oil is becoming somewhat of a cliche, unfortunately it’s quite true. Pat, that should answer your question on why U.S are being blase with N.Korea even after they have confirmed Nuclear interests. If N.Korea had oil reserves they’d be facing the same consequences as Iraq.
mamann, I don’t understand what you disagree with hyooge about, is it the tone of the argument or the stance taken? because the facts are true.
Whiskey, Saddam is not a danger to surrounding nations , since the gulf war Iraq has achieved a stable relationship with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, , Syria, Lebanon, and several African nations.

If the war is about oil, why don’t we just start buying it from them again? I?m sure Saddam would be more than willing to sell some to fund his evil doings. We don?t have to fight them to get it. And it would be cheaper than a war.

To think Iraq’s surrounding neighbors aren?t in danger is ignorant. Consider this: You have a next door neighbor. The police and SWAT have been at his place before. He has demonstrated aggressive behavior before, and is on parole for weapons violations. He’s violating his parole because he won’t allow ordered inspections of his residence. It is now known that he is building bombs in his basement. He doesn’t like you because you snitched him off to the cops before. You don?t consider yourself in danger? Every nation that supports the U.S. is in danger. Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, and every other nation we have a port or base in the nearby area is within Saddam?s reach. The Middle East is not at all a stable region. The only country’s he has a relationship at all with are ones that either fears him or believes in his causes.

What do you propose we do? Sit back and just watch I tyrant become stronger? Or, take control of the situation and create peace for the long term.

I agree with mamann. We were already heavily involved with Iraq when the Korea issue came up. Besides, negotiations have actually worked with North Korea in the past.

Mutt, you?ve got it right on when it comes to the UN. The UN just sits with their thumbs rectally inserted until the United States steps in to fix what they allowed to break.

As far as administrative exploitation: There’s nothing like bombing unconfirmed targets when the accusation of adultery is on the line. I think you all know what I mean.

You know, I just don’t understand things sometimes. Why is it that people always complain that we killed so many in the Gulf, yet took so few casualties. I thought the object of a war was to win it and go home with all of your guys. Man, I forgot most of what I was gonna say. There is just too much