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See My Daughter on Film


I am hesitant to post this given you heathens, but my daughter is now soundly out of the IDF, safely accepted into med school, and this film happened to catch her (and 60 other girls) going through what roughly parallels basic training in the USA.

She's not the star, but she is my little chick,* for those who watch it will figure out who she is. (And no, she's not the lesbian or the girl who lost her virginity.)

As an aside, she said for years that her commander (like a drill instructor) was a lesbian, and this proved it.


  • You get a nickname in "basic." Mine was, shock, "Jewbacca" --- a name I answer to in real life.


In before the inappropriate inuendo.


yeah right. that shit is 50 something minutes long.


I saw this Documentary a while back in class and remember thinking why is there only one good looking girl, that was little chick. So, I will need proof but, if she is then...


Maybe I'll watch it later...I'm at work now. Congratulations though on having a daughter like that! You must be proud.

I had two nicknames in the army. First was "Padre" ( I was still religious when I joined) then later it was "Nardpuncher," shortened to "Nards."

I always wanted to be called "Peaches and Cream." I thought that sounded cool. "PEACHES AND CREAM TAKE OUT THAT FUCKIN' TRENCH!" has a nice ring to it.

It's very hard to come up with a good nickname with "The" in front without being too cocky. I named a girl I knew in university "The Gooch." She didn't like it too much. Funny thing is if you talk to her face she was "Gooch"....she was only "The Gooch" when she was being spoken of in the thrird person.


Not available in my region, dangit. I want to see this now, JB.




And there was supposedly a download link I followed from the trailer at caachi.com but then I go there and get a page saying they decided to close the website. Go figure.


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I first read this as "Not available in my RELIGION"




Yeah, some countries and IP providers censor materials from Israel. The server is Golan, I think.

Here is a preview:

It's just a film about little girls who have to face the hardships of joining a combat unit, and yet are still very much little girls.

The director was gay and pushed the gay angle with the two main characters, which gives a false impression of what is going on and made my daughter mad. There are 58 other girls there, including my daughter, and it kind of slandered them to others.


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Typical. Thanks for trying. If you get on youtube and can find even the preview, my daughter is the only blond, complaining about heat. She's actually in the preview more than the movie itself.

It's a somewhat stupid movie, but I'm just proud of her.


Figured that was her.


mazel tov


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Girls with guns...FAPPED.


yep neither are available here either but I'm used to that. :-/