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Hey everyone! Starting a training log here for a variety of reasons.

  1. I want to
  2. I think it will be useful
  3. I think it can keep me accountable
  4. It will save paper
  5. I can receive criticism/feedback

Today I am starting WS4SB 3. Why?

  1. Many people report less aches and pains with a conjugate style of training. I have a bunch of nagging injuries/pains (some mechanical, some likely not), and lots of squatting/pulling volume seems to mack my back hurt. WS4SB 3 will have me squatting/pulling once per week, with relatively low volume and heavy weights, and getting a bunch of lower body in with accessories. This should fit me well, as I seem to have no issues with intensity.

  2. I am a skinny bastard.

  3. Joe Defranco seems to know what he is talking about.

  4. I can’t seem to be able to stick to a program for long, and this looks like it could curb my trainig ADHD.

My stats right now:
23 Years Old
Bodyweight - 190 pounds, probably around 18% BF
Bench - 200x5, maybe 225 1RM?
Squat - 205x8 ATG
Deadlift - 305x8
Front Squat - 175x10
Weighted Chin up - 90x5, 135x1 full range, dead stop

I am planning on getting a full squat rack soon (with safeties), but for now my ME Lower rotation will probably look like:
Zercher Squat, Paused Zercher Squat, Front Squat, Paused Front Squat, Trap Bar High Handle, Trap Bar Low Handle, Straight Bar Deadlift, Snatch Grip Deadlift.

I am making a few adjustments to the upper body training:

  1. ME for a bench variation on ME upper and then chin ups for time, and ME for a chin up variation on RE upper and then RE bench work. Rotation will look like:

Bench - Normal grip bench, close grip bench, Incline Bench (off of my 1st, 2nd or 3rd incline settings), close grip incline bench, and floor press. Any of these could use an axle or a straight bar

Chin - Shoulder width supinated, close grip supinated, shoulder width pronated, wider pronated, closer trip neutral

  1. Direct Arm each upper session. This is simply adding 3 sets of triceps to the ME upper day and 3 sets of biceps/triceps (whatever one is not chosen) to the RE upper day

  2. Will use a ME variation for 3 straight weeks most likely. I have read some stuff about using the conjugate method for raw lifting and it often mentions using less variation, and sticking to a variation for a few weeks. This will likely be 5RM on week 1, 4RM on week 2 and 3RM on week 3 (sticking to DeFranco’s programming of working up to a 3-5rm)

What are my 2020 goals:

  1. Bulk to 215-225 (until I deem I am too fat), then cut until I look not disgusting
  2. Bench 300
  3. Squat 315 (any style - this is conservative)
  4. Straight bar Pull 435 (6 45s + 2 35s + 2 25s, my current weight limit)
  5. Chin with total of 375 pounds (bw + added weight)
  6. Put a lot of size on my upper back, arms, chest and legs

Let’s get this started

ME upper

Axle Close-ish Grip Floor Press (widest I can go while still being able to rack/unrack)
107x5, 127x5, 147x5, 157x5, 167x5, 177x5, 182x5 short rest periods

Chins for time (neutral close grip w/ fat grip) - 28 in 5 minutes

DB neutral bench (incline 2) - 50x24,19 3 min rest

Axle BB row - 127x10x4
SS DB seated power clean - 15x7,7, 10x12 damn these bur

DB shrug - 55x20x3

Spider DB Curls - 25 x 12,10,8
Lying Tricep DB Floor Extensions - 30s x 12,12,10

got this done in like 45 minutes. Am hoping to buy some adjustable dumbbells for dumbbell rows and heavier shrugs

02/11/2020 DE Lower

marked last workout wrong - it was 02/10, not 02/01

DE Lower

broad jumps (can’t do box jumps rn) - 5 sets of 2
BSS front foot on 25 plate - 20x10, 30x10, 35x10
Reverse Hyper - 180x12x3
Spread eagle sit up - 25x10x3

took like 30 minutes max

RE Upper 02/13/2020

neutral chin - bwx5x2, 25x5, 45x5, 55x5, 65x5
2 Incline BB bench - 145x10,8,5, 115x10 90 s rest

KB row - 85x10x3 (2 10 pound ankle weights attached to 70lb bell)
db seated power clean - 15x10,10,9

db side raise - 20x17,17,16
db shrug - 55x25x3

db floor extension - 35x7,8,
db spider curl - 25x15,12,

Band pushdowns - greyx26