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See... I Can Lift


Since it seems to be the thing to do I figured I would show a video of my recent squat session and my old deadlift PR just so people might have some respect for what I say advice wise.

My depth I think is a little off I think but whateva


I wanna deadlift 700lbs.


Great job!




My training partner needs to watch your squat vid and watch your training partner....


nice deadlift man

any plans on competing in powerlifting? or sticking with strongman and throwing?




I'm focusing on throwing right now. If I can fit in some powerlifting I will as I'd really like to total 2000 raw.


Huge strength. What has been the bulk of your training background; have you followed particular systems, or have you self-programmed?


There is power in the fatness. Good stuff.

Squat depth: there seem to several feds in the USA that will pass above parallel squats. So either train for depth or pick the right fed.


lol, I wasn't going to say anything...


Don't be jealous of the power belly.

I'm not that concerned about depth but I like to be around parallel. If I actually get around to competing I'll be looking at it more critically.


Had crappy programming I followed through HS for football. Got in with powerlifting in college and did a "powerbuilding" type periodized program. I followed something like that for a while after. Had a 5 year kind of hiatus in the middle or so. Got back into lifting seriously 3 years ago now and muddled around with 5/3/1 (probably my most productive work) and some other stuff that seemed interesting.
Now I am following Matt Vincent's (World Champ Highland Games) Training Lab and will be following this through at least September when the throwing season is over. If it works as well as it seemingly has been I'll then start all over again.


If you were to go to below parallel it looks as though the safety pins would find itself in contact with the bar, and you squatted a couple inches high. Other than that, nice lifts.


The depth nazi's never fail to jump in and make comments. As the guy spotting him I can tell you, those were all at parallel.

IPF legal? No. SPF legal? Yes. People seem to be forgetting that was 605 for 5, belt only, training lift.


I am a big believer in moving as much weight as possible during training. Meaning not every rep is always going to be a competition rep. That being said I also feel there is a time and place in programming to be doing everything by the book (comp pause, comp depth, comp commands).

Great lift by OP but Monopoly lets be honest, those are not to parallel and no they would not pass in the SPF. Again GREAT training set. I have no doubt this guy is a beast,re-watch the video, its a weird angle but every rep was high, yet I still feel this is very productive for building your squat strength.


Those squats weren't even close to parallel.

Yeah, it's a heavy weight. But I would be more impressed with 550 to parallel or below than 605 three inches above.


LOL, like that has any meaning


Only three of those squats I would say are edited: above parallel .

Wide stance squatting, and high bar/close stance will look very different at and slightly below parallel.


Hey... they're my squats and I thought they were a little high. How much too high...no idea. It's not a good angle to judge depth so whatever.

I'm testing at 635 next week so maybe I'll just get a better angle and we can all resume talking about how to get stronger and not how close my non-competition squats are to depth. :slight_smile: