See Food Diet

Hey guys, I have decided to experiment with the “SeeFood diet” and am going to fully log it at! I just turned 19, and have been working out for 3 years. Going into highschool, I weighed 140lbs at 5’9 and looked like a starving Ethiopian. Ever since, I’ve been consistently adding muscle. In late 2008, I had a hurt my shoulder and took 2-3 months off. I lost about 10lbs and was down to 164lbs.

This time around, I’m going to be eating everything and anything in sight (although not purposely eating poorly). I WILL be busting my a$$ in the gym, and am doing this as an experiment, not out of lazyness (I’ve dieted very hard in the past).

My goals for this experiment are to go from 164lbs to 180lbs (lean)

Anyway, let’s see how far I can get on this diet, shall we?

Age: Just turned 19
Weight: 164lbs
Bodyfat: Donno%
Height: 5’10

Supplements (always natural):

ON 100% Whey Protein
Nitrobolic Extreme pre-workout creatine
Flax seed oil
Multi Vitamin

Initial training routine: for details

Day 1: Chest / Tri
Day 2: Back / Bi
Day 3: Shoulders / Legs

Abs done one workout, light cardio the next, then abs agian, etc.


Everything & Anything! I plan to eat ~5x whole meals a day. I will log some of my daily intake for you guys

Starting pics:

I will keep this log updated with workout summaries & progress pics, but follow me at for full coverage!


Today was the first workout on my new routine, and I did it at a 24 hour fitness near Palm Springs. The gym was pretty aged, but it had everything I needed. Plus, it wasn’t crowded at all. I did a quick machine warm-up, then began my chest workout:

Incline barbell press: 1x15 @ 95lbs / 1x12 @ 115lbs / 1x9 @ 135lbs / 1x7 @ 145lbs / 1x5 @ 155lbs
Flat dumbbell press: 1x12 @ 50’s / 1x10 @ 55’s / 1x7 @ 60’s / 1x7 @ 60’s / 1x6 @ 60’ss
Did some incline dumbbell fly?s?don?t really remember what I used lol.


Skullcrusher: 1x rest-pause set with 65lbs: 9-5-3 (whewww)
Diamond pushups: 1x14 (failure)

Overall I had a good workout, although I?m pretty embarrassed about the weight I?m putting up. Hopefully after 6-8 weeks I?ll be working with some real weight. Anyway, It looks like I?m gonna go on a hike tomorrow, so I?ll do my best to grab some pics.


T-Bar rows: 1×20 @ 135lbs / 1×15 @ 185lbs / 1×12 @ 225lbs / 1×10 @ 275lbs / 1×8 @ 315lbs ( Note: Start with more weight next time).
Pull ups: 1×12 @ Bodyweight / 1×10 @ BW / 1×9 @ BW / 1×6 @ 20lbs / 1×4 @ 30lbs
seated cable rows: 1×15 @ 60lbs / 1×12 @ 65lbs / 1×10 @ 70lbs / 1×9 @ 75lbs


EZ-Curl?s: 1x Rest-Pause set @ 80lbs (10-6-3)
Pull-Ups: 1×13 (failure)

Once agian, had a productive workout (skipped cardio because I was short on time, but no biggie). I am really liking this split for various reasons: It focuses on compound lifts & major muscle groups. My arm?s are always overpowering my chest/back, so this routine allows me to blast them while spending minimal time on bi?s/tri?s with RP sets. I?ll make a post on rest pause sets pretty soon, because they are not that common, and are a little complicated.

Daily intake:

Meal 1: Oatmeal + Eggs
Meal 2: Post-Workout protein shake
Meal 3: Salmon with rice alongside.
Meal 4: Peanut butter jelly sandwhich
Meal 5: About to grub on some PIZZZZZA HUT ( Meat lovers w/ pan crust <3 )

Happy MLK day everyone !

You’ll gain 10 lbs of muscle if you never write “<3” again.

Today is an off day, and I spent most of the time hanging around the house. Did some chores, browsing, an watched the inauguration. Unfortunately, I’m not too sore from my back/bi workout…I had a feeling I didn’t push myself enough.

Tomorrow is Legs / Shoulders, and we all know how fun that is =]

Also, if anybody is on twitter, add me

Sorry for writing this post a day late, I was stuck dealing with registering from classes all yesterday?fun right? Anyway, some good news! IRON MAN 2009 Is this weekend at the Los Angeles convention center, and I will be attending!

This will be the third year I?ve attended this event, mostly since it?s so close & all the free samples from the fit expo. I will try to get as much coverage as possible, pics + vids + sample?s (to share with you guys of course). I?m more excited about the fit expo than the actual competition to be honest.

The expo usually has a bunch of cool seminars, exciting people to meet, and lots and lots of booths. Last year I got to meet & roll with UFC pro Jeff Monson. I?ll be going with a couple buddies on saturday, and will report back to you guys afterwards!

As for today?s workout: Shoulders + Legs


DB Shoulder Press: 1×15 @ 35?s / 1×12 @ 40?s / 1×10 @ 45?s / 1×7 @ 55?s / 1×6 @ 55?s
DB Machine press: 1×12 @ 70lbs / 1×10 @ 80lbs / 1×7 @ 90lbs / 1×6 @ 90lbs / 1×5 @ 100lbs
Bent over lateral raises: 1×12 @ 25?s / 1×10 @ 25?s / 1×9 @ 30?s / 1×8 @ 30?s


Backsquats: 1×15 @ 135lbs / 1×12 @ 185lbs / 1×9 @ 205lbs / 1×7 @ 225lbs / 1×4 @ 245lbs ( Wow?kicked my ass!)
DB Lunges: Grabbed some 25lb DB?s and paced around the gym for a couple mins, utter fatigue when finished.
Laying ham curls: 1×15 @ 80lbs / 1×12 @ 90lbs / 1×10 @ 100lbs / 1×9 @ 110lbs / 1×7 @ 120lbs

[quote]PonceDeLeon wrote:
You’ll gain 10 lbs of muscle if you never write “<3” again.[/quote]

Hehehhe </3

Today was an awesome way to end week 2 at the Ironman and Fit Expo 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention center! Me and 6 other friends of mine left around noon and were inside around 12:30. My first impression of the event was: ?Wow, the economy does suck.? For the past 3 years, this event has been FILLED with free samples for the taking.

Last year I think I had about 2 months worth of protein, creatine, and fat burners in samples. This year, I?d say the samples were cut by 75%. No worries though, the event had other highlights that it did not have in the previous years. ( for full Ironman / Fit Expo coverage)

Oh yah, and of course after the expo I had to go workout! I was kind of in a food coma, so I decided to pop an energy drink and a pre-workout pill I got from the expo (random brands.) It was Chest / Tri day, and I had a few workout partners today, which was cool.


Flat barbell press: 1×15 @ 135 / 1×11 @ 155 / 1×7 @ 185 / 1×6 @ 185
Incline dumbbell press: 1×15 @ 50?s / 1×12 @ 55?s / 1×11 @ 60?s / 1×10 @ 65?s / 1×7 @ 70?s !! (Sick set)
Cable fly?s: 3×12 @ moderate weight (didn?t check)


Skullcrushers: 1x Rest-pause set @ 85lbs (8-4-2) ?a little too heavy.
Diamond push-ups: 1×16 (Burnout)

Killer workout! I was pushing good weight, going all out, and in the zone - can?t ask for more than that. I think I need to start my Nitrobolic Extreme pre-workout on a regular basis (caffeine does wonders). Tomorrow is an off day, so I?ll be back in the dungeon on Monday, which is also my first day of spring semester. Until then, everyone have an awesome weekend, and stay safe!

I got to the gym pretty early today to crank out back & bi’s. I decided to step up the weight a bit this workout, since last time was a little too easy! Here it is…


T-Bar rows: 1×15 @ 135lbs / 1×11 @ 180lbs / 1×8 @ 205lbs / 1×6 @ 220lbs / 1×2 @ 245lbs
Pull ups: 1×13 @ Bodyweight / 1×10 @ BW / 1×9 @ BW / 1×7 @ 20lbs / 1×6 @ 20lbs
seated cable rows: 1×15 @ 65lbs / 1×12 @ 70lbs / 1×10 @ 75lbs / 1×8 @ 80lbs


EZ-Curl?s: 1x Rest-Pause set @ 80lbs (11-6-4)
Single armed cable curls: 1x18 @ 30lbs each arm.

I made sure to pop some Nitrobolic Extreme pre-workout mix before going to the gym, which really just had me going non stop. The workout was great, and for the first time in a while - I had great pump going! Next workout is on thursday for shoulders, and of course…legs.

Side note: My traps have always been a lagging bodypart, and I really need to figure out a way to bring them up to par. I’ve tried various ways of training them, from loading isolation exercises, to heavy deadlifts. The only thing I can really do is warm them up really well every time I workout so they can constantly be somewhat pumped. If anyone has any great/unique trap workouts, let me know! Thanks.

Also, here is an updated pic after 3 weeks of training: