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See Arnold Run

Anyone see the TV movie last night? It alternated between the 60 days before Arnold’s Mr. Olympia (first time against Lou) and the 60 days before he becomes Governer.
I thought the guy who played “present” Arnold was way off, but who could play him anyway? Olympia Arnold was awesome, though (Roland Kickinger, who’s won Mr. Austria). Most of the time I forgot it was an actor.
You could easily see where the writers tip-toed around issues and softened Arnold up plenty, but it was still a lot of fun to watch.

I watched part of it, and I completely agree. I was completely astounded with how well Roland Kickinger fit (although it wouldn’t actually be a challenge portraying Arnold for him considering the similarities). The actor who played present day Arnold just couldn’t pull it off. They would have been better off casting Darrell Hammond from SNL.

I hope that they will distribute it on DVD.

I thought it was cool how the actor who played the 70’s Arnold trained to have a 70’s Arnold style physique.