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Sed's Training Log

Since I been here in college I’ve discovered that I can lift with my legs again from my previous case of tendonitis on the upper part of my knee where it meets the quad. Its still there but mild. Before I could never squat low on the first set and now its no problem. Right now I’m experimenting with a simple but effective leg routine.

Current Routine:

Squat: 5x6 185lbs. with 90 sec rest (Add a rep each workout)
Leg extension: 3x15-20 50lbs. (light to keep my knees from being aggrivated
Hamstring curls: 3x10 150lbs.

I do deadlifts sometimes in place of squats. I do this routine 2 days a week. So far I can tell a slight difference in my quads and hamstrings which motivates me to stick with this routine to see how far I can get. I want my legs to catch up with my upperbody. I will post more on my upperbody later when i have more time.