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Sedentary to Strongman

Hi all, going to start this log to hold myself accountable and set/meet goals, here’s a link to my intro thread for a little bit of a background on me.

Short Term Goals(less than 6 months)

  1. Get down to 231lbs for both health reasons and to meet a certain weight class in PL/Strongman to start.
    1a. Stick to training & Diet
  2. Compete in a full sanctioned PL meet.
  3. Compete in a local/state Strongman comp.
  4. 1xBW+ raw bench with good form/pause, haven’t been able to achieve due to a shoulder injury and inconsistent training, it is currently my white whale.

Long Term Goals(greater than 6 months)

  1. Compete in national level meets.
  2. Compete in national level Strongman comps.
  3. Re-evaluate goals after 1 & 2 are achieved, set higher ones.
  4. 1,500+ total on the big 3.

Will be running 5/3/1 for main lifts, tailored to my goals with secondary/assistance lifts, but heeding advice of others more experienced than myself.

First workout & plan will be added later tonight, feel free to comment, offer advice, or offer encouragement. Anyone in NH or MA nearby in the Strongman/PL community say hello too, looking to get involved in the local scene considerably.

I remember your question in the forum.
5/3/1 is a great program, I used that. Well worth running.

Advice from someone who’s 8 months into his training. Get a strong handle nutrition asap. The 4hours a week in the gym are the “easy” part. The hard part is the Sunday day night cook up where you create a whole weeks worth of lunch. Or the extra early mornings to prep your breakfast. Or avoiding old “poor” eating habits.
But the fundamentals of nutrition are “easy”

Eat whole fresh food. About 120g of protein a day, if your looking to slim down start removing calories until you see weight loss. If you wanna get bigger start adding.

Work hard and take your time.
Good luck.