Sedentary protein intake

I’ve got 3 weeks where I’m forced to do minimize all activity. I had some facial surgery and was told “try not to raise your heart rate”. I’ve been cutting for about 4 weeks. Down from 230 to 219. Goal was to be 210 by 3/8/24 (vacation date) and as low of BF as I could get down to. I’ve been doing about 14k-15k cals per week (5 days at 1800-2k and 2 at 2500). That’s 7k deficit for the week from my TDEE of 21k weekly cals, I was shooting for losing 2 lbs per week with minimal muscle loss.

BUT now that I’m stuck sitting on my ass for 3 weeks, I think I’m going to lose some momentum. I can live on the 1800 cals per day. It sucks but I’m not dying. I should still lose about 1 lb per week and get to 215ish, flatter stomach but probably no abs showing.

Getting to 200g+ of protein is tough at 1800 cals. How low can I realistically go on the protein while I’m sitting here and minimize muscle loss? Or should I just eat at 2200, stall the weight loss but also keep the muscle? OR as always, am I probably overthinking it?

200g of protein is gonna get you 800 calories, assuming you count protein at 4 calories per g (which given the thermic effect of protein, may not be accurate). If you employed egg whites or Metabolic Drive to reach that 200g, you could be pretty close to that 800 calorie total. This would be like a 3 week protein sparing modified fast.

OR an excellent time to try out the Velocity Diet.


Egg whites and I are not friends. I’ll be forced to sleep outside. I’m usually 2 protein shakes a day at a minimum to get to the 200g as it is now and try and get the rest of the way with “real” food but there is just nothing else that’ll get you 30g of protein at a 110 calories than a protein shake. I guess adding a third in for a few weeks won’t hurt anything.

Well, again, if you’re counting protein at 4 calories per gram, NOTHING will get you 30g of protein at 110 calories. The math doesn’t check.

But if you want minimal carb/fat protein sources, outside of protein shakes, there’s shrimp, chicken/turkey breasts/tenderloin, piedmontese grassfed sirloin steaks, tuna, potentially venison, rabbit, etc.